Pooling for higher performing supply chains

Pooling reusables with Tosca is like leasing. You get plastic containers and pallets that are always ready to move, without the major investment and headaches.

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Tosca reusable plastic pallets offer unmatched hygiene, durability, space-savings, ease of use and overall cost-reduction, as compared to wood. Made of high-strength polymers, our plastic pallets work seamlessly with our containers and integrate with traceability systems to track pallet and load.

Tosca dollies are designed to add efficiency to e-commerce and facilitate faster fulfillment of online orders. They integrate securely with Tosca crates, maneuver easily and lock firmly in place. Made of durable plastic, they’re lighter and longer lasting than competitive products, hygienic, and fully recyclable.

Tosca reusable plastic containers are designed for savings across the supply chain. Reduce waste with superior product-protection compared to corrugated. Integrates perfectly with our pallets and dollies, for more secure and efficient stacking.

Improve product performance at retail with attractive display solutions. We offer bins with a rising floor suitable for both logistics and display, crystal clear displays that present more visual access to the products inside, and wood look stands offering a fresh and natural style, boosting sales with an enhanced aesthetic appeal.

Durable Tosca bins offer the capacity for shipping larger products, but also the strength to protect fragile items. Foldable, nestable and stackable, they save space on trucks and in storage, improving efficiency in the supply chain.

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The world’s biggest and best trust us with their reusable packaging and retail solutions.


    Introducing Tosca's NeRa Pallet

    Europe’s strongest nestable, rackable pallet, engineered to out-perform wood is here. Tosca’s NeRa pallet offer an innovative new combo. It’s strong like a rackable wood pallet, but light and space-saving like a nestable.
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    Cracking product damage & labour problem with Tosca egg RPCs

    The innovative design of Tosca RPCs solves many of the product damage and labour challenges that are associated with transporting eggs from source to shelf.
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    25% transportation with a cost effective packaging solution

    A prominent East Coast regional retailer was experiencing frequent box failures throughout their case ready meat supply chain. Product was arriving at stores damaged because corrugated boxes crushed during transport. The retailer wanted to find a solution to eliminate the box failures that were ultimately causing lost revenue and inferior product for their customers.
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Global Network

Tosca is the largest pooler of RPCs in North America and the largest pooler of plastic pallets across Europe. Our growing global network has more wash center coverage in more places you want to be.

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  • Traceability

    Tosca Traceability is an innovative tracking service that lets you see what’s going on with your pool of reusable plastic pallets, containers and other assets so you can optimise supply chain performance and remove risk. Digital IoT and RFID technologies will help you say goodbye to manual inventory analysis.
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  • Sustainability

    At Tosca, our vision is a future where all one-way packaging is converted to reusables. It’s a serious goal that our customers share too. See what we’re doing for a more sustainable world.
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  • Custom Services

    Tosca’s in-house production will purpose-build the product and network you need when others won’t. We like to say that we’re a 1,900-person team of “yes”. See what we mean.
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