An RPC for Prepared Foods that Delivers “More.”

Food retailers nationwide have flocked to the rapidly growing fresh kitchens and prepared foods category in the last few years. The growing grocery business – which includes grab-and-go snacks, meal kits, and cut and ready-to-eat fruits, veggies and beverages – has already garnered attention from retail giants like Kroger, Whole Foods, Albertsons, Walmart, Starbucks and Amazon. And it’s not stopping there – with convenience stores and discounters jumping on the bandwagon more recently.  

Cool category, hot numbers

San Francisco based Grandview Research reports the chilled and deli foods market is likely to reach $267.7B by 2025, with pre-packaged foods (last valued at ~$40.5 billion in 2017) leading the group. And researchers Acosta and Technomic recently found that 65% of consumers reported eating prepared foods at home purchased from a grocery store.

The popularity of the category is being bolstered by America’s changing tastes: a preference for healthy food options over packaged foods, Millennial preference for unique foods and convenience, and an early-2020 boost in meal kit popularity from the COVID-19 pandemic.

To meet sky-high demand, your commercial kitchen or retail sites need a packaging solution partner that can keep up.

Tosca’s versatile Fresh Kitchens RPC delivers more.

Shipping these prepared foods means upholding high standards for hygiene and availability. It means packing product by 6:00PM and unpacking it by 6:00AM. It means dealing with orders of all shapes, sizes and weights: 62 southwestern wraps, 50 more clamshells of cut watermelon, 13 parfait cups. There is no time for spills, mess, or crushed and damaged product. And that’s why we’re introducing a better way to ship prepared foods.

The Tosca Fresh Kitchens RPC does it all:

  • Damage resistant plastic 4X stronger than corrugated reduces shrink
  • Generously sized for dynamic packing and non-uniform clamshells
  • Smarter design with handholds for fast handling
  • Sturdy sides and interlocking capabilities to create stronger stacks that won’t tip
  • Standardized footprint that maximizes space during transport
  • Vented sides to preserve product freshness and quality

More clean, for the toughest hygiene standards

Now more than ever during the current COVID-19 pandemic, your customers are demanding hygiene – both from their grab-and-go foods and from the retail environment they shop in. Leaky, damaged corrugated boxes are out of the question, and unsightly labels and adhesive residue on plastic containers from other RPC providers won’t stand – not in clean rooms, back rooms or the store front. That’s why Tosca Fresh Kitchen RPCs are noticeably cleaner and more hygienic. Each RPC is carefully cleaned by 100% Tosca-owned and operated wash sites, all of which operate under the most robust food safety program in the industry, ISO 22000.

More durability, for protection you can count on

With all the order variety that commercial kitchens and retailers deal with, having the wrong shipping container solution can lead to big headaches.  Tightly packing clamshells, wraps and cups of varying shapes and sizes means greater potential for breakage, spills and product damage. And the journey from commercial kitchen to store site brings plenty of opportunity for tipping boxes and crushed cargo. Tosca Fresh Kitchen RPCs are purpose-built with sturdy sides for stacking, reducing shrink and saving you money. They’re also generously sized for packing non-uniform clamshells, and feature strong hand-holds for easy picking and delivery.

More service, for an on-demand category

When it comes to prepared foods, timing and convenience is everything – and demand is only expected to grow. As the largest pooler of RPCs in North America, Tosca offers a robust service network with 18 wash sites and extensive commercial kitchen relationships to maximize your container availability and delivery, so that you always have containers when and where you need them.

For over 60 years we’ve been delivering more cleanliness, more durability and more service for world-class retail and supply leaders. And we’re proud to serve brands who have already switched to RPCs like Taylor Farms, Kroger, Walmart, Del Monte, Renaissance Food Group, HEB and Get Fresh. Discover what “more” can do for you by contacting a Tosca rep about Fresh Kitchen RPCs today.


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