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Tosca is always ready to customize solutions to meet your specific needs

If you have a need or opportunity that is not perfectly served by our many existing designs, Tosca will work with you to develop a purpose-built solution. All you need to do is talk to us. Together, we’ll make it happen.

Customize with confidence

Do you need a deeper container? One with specific placement of ventilation openings? A pallet of particular dimension to maximize cube utilization in your new trucks? Or even a pooling facility closer to your new distribution center? Our team can help.

Customize packaging

Many of our innovations are the result of meeting specific client needs. When poultry producers needed a container to stand up to the weight and moisture, we developed an entirely new RPC. We can do the same for you.

Customize services

In addition to optimizing your supply chain’s last mile, we can work with you to customize in-market solutions such as retail displays and special e-commerce totes for fulfillment and delivery.

Create special market applications

Our extensive service offering, including washing, pooling and inventory management, can all be tailored to your changing needs. Our supply chain experts are here to meet your specific requirements.

Conform to branding specs

Deliver your differentiating brand experience along with your product in containers customized by color, design or display options.

Customize with experience

We offer unsurpassed experience in creating unique solutions tailored to exact customer needs.

Collaborate with our leading R&D team

At Tosca, research always starts with listening, then development proceeds in partnership, ideating and iterating together until the solution satisfies your goals.

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Customization Examples

Fashion: Customized pallets

A fashion, home and beauty brand needed a more reliable, sustainable, labor-saving way to move product from distribution center to store. We replaced their wood pallets with Cleanpal plastic pallets, customized with handles on all sides so that workers could move them more quickly and easily.

Tesco: Brand-enhancing customization

Leading grocery chain Tesco wanted all the functional advantages of our e-commerce containers, but in a color and design that matched their brand standards. This helps ensure brand recognition and reinforce customer loyalty when food is delivered to homes.

Grocery: A major improvement for a major store chain

One of the largest supermarket chains in North America contacted us to collaborate on a new design for the egg RPC. They needed a solution that was durable, easy to use and maximized shelf space. Our innovative egg RPC with the SmartWallTM feature provided one touch set-up for retail and helped them reduce shrink by 50%.

What can we customize for you?

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