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Tosca Expands with New Service Centre in Ingolstadt

Tosca is pleased to announce the opening of a new, state-of-the art service centre in Ingolstadt, Germany. This downstream-focused facility, equipped with solar panels for sustainable energy usage and advanced technology capabilities, is designed to support Germany’s largest retailers with efficient, data-driven services.

Expansion in Central Europe:

The opening of the Ingolstadt service centre marks a significant expansion of Tosca’s footprint across Europe. With a total area of approximately 2,700 m², the centre is strategically positioned to cater to the growing demand for Tosca’s innovative reusable plastic products and pooling services in the region. With the addition of the Ingolstadt centre, Tosca currently operates 10 service centres across Central Europe.

Technology Investment:

Ingolstadt is equipped with advanced technologies, including RFID gates, scanning equipment, and automation systems. These innovations ensure optimal data accuracy and provide customers with deep insights into their supply chain performance, underscoring Tosca’s commitment to future-proofing supply chains. This technology enables Tosca to increase the efficiency and accuracy of their customers’ supply chains, driving growth, operational excellence and sustainability.

Driven by Demand:

Driven by the increasing business in plastic half pallet operations, the decision to establish the Ingolstadt centre underscores Tosca’s dedication to supporting its downstream customers across Europe. By optimising operations and reducing transport costs, the new centre will enhance efficiency while facilitating further growth in the region. Importantly, the centre is positioned to serve Tosca’s largest downstream customer in Central Europe and one of its key suppliers.

Operational Excellence:

In August/September, Tosca will install a fully automated wash line at their site, including a conveyor reader on the wash line to automatically update asset status and monitor performance. These investments highlight Tosca’s commitment to enhancing operational efficiency and providing their customers with superior supply chain solutions.

“We’re excited to unveil our newest service centre in Ingolstadt, a testament to our ongoing commitment to delivering exceptional service and value to our customers,” said Marco Gonzalez, Managing Direct for Central Europe at Tosca. “This expansion highlights our ability to adapt quickly to market demands, as well and our dedication to growth in reusable plastic packaging solutions across Europe’.

Rapid Setup:

Notably, Tosca achieved an impressive lead time of just four months from the start of site search to operational readiness, showcasing the company’s agility and collaborative working across all departments.

Continued Growth:

As Tosca continues to solidify its presence in the European market, the opening of the Ingolstadt service centre represents a significant milestone in the company’s journey towards continued growth and innovation.