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Our pilot makes implementing a packaging change as easy as possible. We do the heavy lifting to ensure the process is smooth and pain free. Success and savings start here.

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The pilot process is broken down into four simple steps. We help you define, implement, and prove out the benefits of an RPC initiative throughout your entire supply chain.

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No two supply chains are the same. That’s why we customize the RPC pilot program for your business. See how some of the biggest names in perishables are enjoying the benefits of switching to RPCs.

Tosca RPCs

We’ll do the heavy lifting.

What you do:

  • Identify KPIs and goals
  • Identify stakeholders and get their buy-in
  • Define timing

What we do:

  • Create the recommendations and framework for your pilot
  • Determine the best container for your pilot (conduct pack-outs as needed)
  • Develop customized training materials for your suppliers, DC employees, and store associates
  • Setup and train your supplier(s)
  • Train your store associates through individual site visits
  • Train your DC employees
  • Coordinate reverse logistics process
  • Conduct site visits at stores and DCs for feedback and insights during pilot

We're right beside you throughout the entire program sharing best practices and learnings. Our years of experience converting thousands of stores will help deliver a simple and successful RPC implementation.

A test drive that fuels your bottom line.

It's time to take that first step and see how a better packaging solution can save you money.

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