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Crystal Clear Crate Display

Improve product visibility and sales with this clear tower display. It uses stackable, retail-ready crates to create a strong, easily replenished unit that holds significant inventory on a minimal footprint. Atop our ¼ dolly, it rolls easily into place, with a contemporary look that compliments modern store design.

External Dimensions: 23.64 x 15.76 x 12.96 In.
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Crystal Clear Crate Display

Boosts sales.

Clear display with open sides makes products more visible and accessible.

Improves aesthetics.

Clean, clear look fits in with contemporary store design.

Speeds merchandising.

Stacks on dolly to be easily, quickly moved into place.

Maximizes storage.

Nestable to require less space in storage or during transport.


Bins are reusable for years, recyclable, and they eliminate the waste from corrugated boxes.