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Options in addition to pooling.

Most Tosca customers lease their reusable containers and pallets as part of a pool, but when pooling isn’t the right fit we offer opportunities to rent, buy or service assets.


Tosca offers short and long term container and pallet rental with similar benefits to pooling.

  • A variety of rental terms provide flexibility
  • Minimizes risk and investment
  • Assets can still be washed and serviced through Tosca
  • Ideal for closed loop or factory applications

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Even if you own your reusable containers or pallets, you can still have them washed and maintained by Tosca under a pooling, rental or direct-buy arrangement.

You can also take advantage of our IoT innovations. I-Log, our real-time logistics software, monitors order status, invoicing and reporting.

Track assets throughout the supply chain.


Tosca RPCs, pallets and other reusable supply chain solutions can be purchased as a direct sale from Tosca, with or without additional washing and maintenance services.

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