A tougher container for tender poultry.

Introducing an all-new RPC, specifically designed for poultry.  Engineered for durability, RPCs protect your poultry better than corrugated ever could.  

product quality

Our RPC's superior structural integrity bears the weight, not the product, so poultry arrives in the best condition possible.

product damage

Built specifically for poultry, our RPC withstands weight and water so product stays protected and shrink is minimized.

labor costs

RPCs eliminate box failures caused by poultry leakage, which means less time wasted cleaning up mess.

Explore the unique features of our poultry RPC.

Engineered for durability

Reusable plastic containers, made out of food grade polypropylene, withstand weight and water, making them the best choice to protect poultry.

Fluid retention channel

The channeled bottom keeps moisture away from packaged product to maintain cleaner poultry packaging and eliminate box failures.

Better Stacking

The unique drag rail on the bottom of the RPC allows them to easily slide into place when stacking, while interlocking capability creates greater pallet load stability during transport.

Custom Ventilation

Purposeful ventilation design allows for moisture evaporation while still maintaining the appropriate cold temperature required for the product.

Scalloped interior wall

The scalloped wall design maximizes internal volume and allows poultry to stay flat and uniform during transport, further minimizing product damage.

Container Specs - RPC 6425

External: 10.34 x 24.01 in
Internal: 9.75 x 22.83 in
Weight: 5.1 lbs
Folded Stack Height: 2.244 in

Pallet Unit Quantity: 110
Pallet Configuration: 5 RPCs per layer on a standard GMA pallet (48x40)

Container dimensions allow 1 to 1 conversion from corrugated

Container Specs - RPC 6419

External: 7.87 x 24.01 in
Internal: 7.28 x 22.83 in
Weight: 4.0 lbs
Folded Stack Height: 1.516 in

Pallet Unit Quantity: 165
Pallet Configuration: 5 RPCs per layer on a standard GMA pallet (48x40)

Container dimensions allow 1 to 1 conversion from corrugated

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RPC Resource Center

Poultry Spec Sheet

Poultry Spec Sheet

Get more details on our custom-designed poultry containers.

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Why Reusables?

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Food Safety Fact Sheet

Food Safety Fact Sheet

From plant to purchase, Tosca makes food safety our top priority.

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Poultry Infographic

Poultry Infographic

Learn about how our poultry RPCs can improve efficiencies and increase profits.

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Rotisserie Chicken Spec Sheet

RPCs specifically designed to handle the realities of shipping rotisserie chicken.

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Start protecting your poultry.

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