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Tosca Partners with Simpsons Beverages in an Innovative Partnership to Drive Efficiency, Safety and Sustainability

Who is Simpsons Beverages?

Simpsons Beverages is a global supplier of innovative drinks flavours for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks across sectors including distilleries, breweries and dairies.

Established in 1934, Simpsons Beverages are leaders in the science, art and innovation of flavours for drinks brands and companies. They are always at the forefront of emerging drinks trends with the know-how and experience to drive their customers to first moving positions in their category.

An innovative collaboration that advances supply, safety and environmental standards.

2023, Simpsons Beverages initiated a strategic partnership with Tosca to tackle supply, safety, and sustainability challenges, aiming for operational and commercial benefits across industries.

Simpsons Beverages is tasked with strict environmental compliance standards, including ISO 14001, in addition to their own Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals focused on plastic waste.

The partnership was designed to fulfil these sustainability and operational objectives

The challenge

While using rigid Shutz 1000 litre Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) for the transportation of drink syrups, Simpsons Beverages were facing significant issues, including:

  • Unpredictable supply and spiralling costs due to last-minute IBC procurement;
  • Safety concerns due to inefficient IBC storage in adverse weather conditions;
  • Significant plastic waste, contradicting Simpson Beverages’ sustainability focus and also impacting negatively on the environment.

Simpsons Beverages overcame these logistical challenges by transitioning to Tosca’s Superior Hybrid IBCs for liquids.

Tosca’s pooling model brought enhanced sustainability, compliance with ISO 14001 standards, and cost savings by absorbing the UK Plastic Packaging Tax. The collaboration not only optimized operational efficiency and reduced overall costs but also positioned Simpsons Beverages for future growth and environmental compliance.

What is the UK Plastic Packaging Tax?

The UK Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) is a relatively new tax, introduced in April 2022. The tax is designed to encourage the use of more recycled plastic, and applies to plastic packaging produced in, or imported into, the UK and that does not contain at least 30% recycled plastic.

The rate of the PPT is currently set at £210.82 per tonne of plastic packaging placed onto the UK market. It applies to businesses that manufacture or import plastic packaging components or import packaged goods into the UK. The UK government estimates that it impacts approximately 20,000 packaging producers and importers.

Tosca Superior Hybrid foodgrade foldable container.
Tosca’s Superior Hybrid IBCs

Operational and sustainable benefits

Simpsons Beverages’ adoption of Tosca’s Superior Hybrid IBCs marks a transformative shift in operational efficiency for the company, addressing both immediate logistical challenges and future-proofing operations. This partnership emphasises sustainable practices and strategic alignment with Simpsons Beverages’ core values – beyond just compliance.

Together, Simpsons Beverages and Tosca have driven the following operational, supply and sustainability benefits:

Enhanced sustainability through reduced plastic waste, and compliance with ISO 1401 environmental management standards.

Significant plastic waste was previously generated which had negative environmental impact and costs. Beyond the waste reduction, embracing Tosca’s liquid containers demonstrated a sustainability commitment that resonated with Simpsons Beverages’ environmentally conscious consumers.

Scalable solutions accommodating company expansion.

Tosca’s Superior Hybrid containers have not only addressed the immediate logistical challenges, but also positioned the company favourably for future growth and expansion with scalable solutions.

Easier storage and handling with its foldable design.

The storage of empty rigid IBCs previously posed safety concerns in the storage yard as they were unstable in high winds. The new foldable design made storage and handling much easier, reducing injury risk.

Reduced operational hassles with Tosca’s pooling model.

Thanks to Tosca’s dependable supply chain process, Simpsons Beverages can now focus on core business activities, alleviating the stress of procuring IBCs at short notice and reducing costs. This has resulted in significant operational and commercial advantages, enhancing customer experience and loyalty.

Additional customer driven impact

Tosca delivered a tailored solution for Simpson’s Beverages, addressing customer-led challenges by providing specialised containers for transporting drink syrups. When customers encountered difficulty connecting hoses to the IBCs, Tosca used its in-house expertise and provided a nozzle with taps for easier attachment at customer sites. Clear guidance on empty container collection further streamlined the transition process.

Positive sustainable impact

Given their joint commitment to sustainability, Tosca conducted a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) to compare the environmental impact of Simpsons Beverages’ previous solution with the new pooling solution put in place by Tosca. It involved collecting and analysing data on the inputs, outputs, and environmental impacts of each solution.

Based on previous volumes, switching to Tosca’s pooled Superior Hybrid IBCs saves 46 MT CO2 equivalent, 1,256 Gj of fossil fuels and 16,342 M3 of water.

The partnership

The Simpsons Beverages and Tosca partnership demonstrates a fusion of operational excellence and environmental responsibility. By adapting their products to their customers’ needs, Simpsons Beverages have been able to continue their ethos of innovation for future growth. This has been achieved by streamlining processes, bolstering their supply chain, cutting costs, maintaining customer loyalty and meeting their own CSR and environmental mandates.

‘ As of April 2023, the UK Plastic Packaging Tax stands at £210.82 per tonne. Tosca absorbs this tax, sparing us from recurring expenses. Our pooled assets, utilized multiple times, dilute the tax’s impact, offering not only cost savings but also reduced administrative burdens. Tosca’s pooling system enhances sustainability and mitigates risks associated with reuse, contributing significantly to our operational and environmental goals. Our partnership with Tosca is not just a collaboration; it’s a shared commitment to shaping a sustainable future.’

Jason Simpson Sales Director from Simpsons Beverages comments on the impact of Tosca’s pooling model