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The more you know about the alternative to shipping boxes, the better. Maybe there’s no trivia category for Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs), and you probably won’t wow party guests with your knowledge of polypropylene impact copolymers. But if you’re a supplier, using RPCs can boost your bottom line and enhance your hard-earned reputation. No matter what type of product you supply to your retail partners, you’ll see a world of difference with RPCs vs. other shipping boxes.

Added protection for perishables

Consider the human skull. It’s a marvel of engineering. Made up of 27 bones – some rigid, some flexible – all working together to protect the brain. Nature knows that when you’re protecting something valuable, you go all out – and it’s a lesson we took to heart when we designed our RPCs. Our RPCs are made with polypropylene impact copolymer that’s tough, yet lightweight. Durable, yet functional. And – most importantly – the material is superior for reducing damage and shrink.  (Try that with corrugated shipping boxes.)

Be the MVP with RPCs

It’s important to be a stand-out partner, and innovative packaging solutions can help you do exactly that. By giving your retail partners a higher quality product that delights their customers, you create strong relationships – and that’s going to give you the ability to further grow your business. The strength and durability of the RPC helps reduce product damage. The retail-ready design (we call it SmartWall™ design) and allows them to go straight to the shelf, eliminating the need to hand-stack product.  The handles make them easier to move for employees – which is important when handling heavy protein-filled containers.

You shouldn’t pay to ship air

When it comes to maximizing freight for protein, the beefier the better (we say). Unlike corrugated boxes which have a limit of how high they can stack before they could collapse, RPCs can optimize your freight and allow you to fully cube out a truck because they can stack to a height of 96”. And that matters, because freight isn’t getting any cheaper. Last year, shipment volumes rose 11.9%, resulting in a 15.6% increase in freight costs. (That’s a lot of money for air, a.k.a. wasted space.)

Keeping it cool

Consider your most fragile perishable: eggs. Tosca designed an RPC specifically for eggs with a sophisticated ventilated design that allows for heat and moisture to evaporate – quickly. In fact, eggs in our RPCs cool down to 45 degrees in just one day, compared to 5-6 days in corrugated boxes. Faster cooling = fresher eggs. And that’s good for your retail partners and their customers.

Reusable Plastic containers (RPCs) replace outdated corrugated

Don’t just manage waste; eliminate it.

From plant to plant, corrugated boxes generate an enormous amount of packaging waste that has to be dealt with, and the same is true for retailers. (Hellooo, RPCs!) Fewer trips to the baler saves them both waste and labor. (We’re talking a lot of waste.)

There’s nothing trivial about Reusable Plastic Containers. They’re built to save you – and your retailers – on labor and freight costs, enhance product quality and eliminate and one-way packaging waste. Find out how else they’ll help your business here.

What is container pooling?

Take your sustainability one step further and bring your packaging solutions to the next level. Click here to learn more about how working with Tosca, the largest pooler of RPCs in North America, can maximize your efficiency and bottom line.