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Tosca adds foldable, reusable meat crates to its global offering

December 1, 2021 – Tosca, a global leader in reusable packaging solutions and pooling for food supply chains, adds a reusable meat crate to its EMEA portfolio. By expanding into the meat industry, Tosca strengthens its reach across the entire food supply chain to provide the same level of value that it does for other supply chains. With this addition to its robust portfolio, Tosca can reduce food waste, improve sustainability measures, and increase efficiencies for its partners in the meat industry.  

Jesse Sels, President EMEA at Tosca, explains: “At Tosca, we seek to improve supply chains from the first mile to the last mile with high-quality, reusable products designed for efficiency and sustainability. Our movement to offer that same value in the meat industry is a natural extension of that goal, replacing single-use alternatives and rigid crates with a foldable, reusable meat crate designed for protection and space efficiency.”

This reusable meat crate is compatible with Tosca’s pallets and dollies, offering a total solution for the whole supply chain, from truck to store. Its design follows hygienic guidelines featuring smooth, easy to clean surfaces and an active lock system that reduces dead spaces where debris and germs can build up. It features a solid base to retain liquids and avoid cross-contamination during transportation.

Made from polypropylene, Tosca’s new crate is resistant to the extreme heat and cold temperatures required in the meat processing sector. The plastic material is also impervious to acids, fats, and odours, which are essential advantages when packing meat products. Moreover, with an unmatched global network density of more than 50 service centres for hygienic washing and inspection of its reusable crates, which include now meat crates, Tosca offers new and existing clients one of the most robust food safety programs in the industry.

As with its entire portfolio of reusable packaging solutions, which diverts single-use packaging from landfills, the meat crates uphold Tosca’s emphasis on supply chain sustainability. In addition, when the meat crates are empty, they can be easily folded, taking up to 80% less space on trucks than rigid crates, reducing carbon emissions and transportation costs. Furthermore, the meat crate is fully recyclable at its end-of-life, supporting Tosca’s customers’ sustainability goals.

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Tosca foldable reusable meat crate

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Tosca ( is a global leader in reusable packaging solutions and pooling for food supply chains. Our unique end-to-end pooling capabilities offer growers, suppliers, and retailers a smarter and more sustainable way to move their products from source to shelf. With reusable containers and pallets that preserve product quality and reduce shrink and labour cost, we help these customers build higher performing supply chains.

Tosca’s recent acquisition of Polymer Logistics and Contraload now creates one stronger partner with expanded global reach and a more robust product portfolio, capable of serving both upstream and downstream markets.

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