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ATLANTA, Ga., July 22, 2019– Tosca (, an innovator in reusable packaging and supply chain solutions, announced today the introduction of a breakthrough reusable plastic container (RPC) designed specifically for poultry. The Tosca poultry RPC was built to withstand weight and water, delivering greater product protection, reducing damage, as well as eliminating packaging waste. 

Poultry is the fastest growing protein in the US, and it is also one of the most difficult products to ship. Poultry is heavy and ships with an ice crust which can be challenging especially in a corrugated box that breaks down when exposed to moisture or water. To address the challenges of shipping poultry, Tosca sought feedback from poultry industry professionals to understand the daily problems they face. These discussions combined with Tosca’s robust packaging experience working with 2 of the top 5 largest retailers, resulted in a heavy-duty container that will work over-time to get chicken to its destination looking its best. The new features include: 

  • Highest quality food-grade polypropylene that is engineered for durability and easily withstands weight and water  
  • A fluid retention channel to keep liquid away from the packaged poultry to help maintain cleaner product and avoid the typical ‘sticky’ packaging often found with poultry
  • A unique design that allows the RPCs to slide into place and interlock with other RPCs. This creates improved pallet load stability during transport. 
  • Scalloped walls that maximize internal volume and ensures product lays flat and uniform and doesn’t move during transit

 “Tosca has been creating innovative supply chain solutions for over fifty years, and our new poultry container is evidence that we continue to develop smarter packaging that drives customer value,” said Eric Frank, president & CEO, Tosca. “We are excited about the market’s positive response to the new container and we anticipate it will drive significant efficiencies for our customers.”

Retailers are facing more challenges than ever before. Intense competition and evolving consumer demands mean retailers can’t afford a weak link in their increasingly complex supply chains. Tosca’s new poultry RPC is going to be a major disruptor in a supply chain that is long overdue for a packaging upgrade.  

For more information about Tosca’s poultry supply chain game changer, click here.

About Tosca

Tosca ( is a leading provider of reusable packaging and supply chain solutions across a diverse range of markets including eggs, case-ready meat, poultry, produce, and cheese. Tosca collaborates with retailers, growers, and suppliers to deliver the best flow of perishables through the supply chain, eliminating waste at every turn. Operating 14 state-of-the-art wash sites around the country, Tosca efficiently supports regional and national programs, providing unmatched service and lower supply chain costs.  Our reusable plastic containers – the most comprehensive portfolio in the industry – improve product protection, reduce costs and are more sustainable than single-use packaging.