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ATLANTA, March 14, 2022 – Tosca, a global leader in reusable packaging and pooling services has partnered with premier supplier of seafood products, JJ McDonnell & Co. Inc. and is supporting their supply chain with reusable plastic crates, or RPCs, designed for seafood. 

JJ McDonnell & Co. is taking the lead in sourcing innovative products that enable them to elevate their business and deliver better service. In line with this goal, Tosca’s reusable plastic crates for seafood offer their supply chain a sustainable alternative to EPS foam and corrugated without sacrificing dependable protection of the products they carry. RPCs are also much more cost-effective per use than foam and foldable to just over 1.5 inches high, significantly reducing storage and return logistics costs when compared to foam. 

JJ McDonnell & Co. CEO George McManus is excited about the partnership with Tosca. “Using reusable plastic crates in place of polystyrene is a win-win-win. There is a cost savings for everyone involved in the program and we have a hand in helping the environment. JJ McDonnell’s success in launching and maintaining this program is founded on partnering with like-minded vendors and customers who strive to be responsible stewards to our environment. Sustainability is an important initiative for JJ McDonnell, making the collaboration with a company like Tosca that inherently supports that vision so easy. To date we have eliminated over 250,000 Styrofoam containers by replacing them with the totes since launching the partnership 21 months ago, and we expect this number to grow exponentially as we expand the program” states McManus. 

Jon Kalin, Chief Commercial Officer at Tosca, reflects on Tosca’s partnership with JJ McDonnell & Co. so far. “JJ McDonnell is a company that we are proud to align with, not only because of their sustainability efforts and the quality seafood that they produce, but because they demonstrate a clear interest in an improved supply chain that is better for every stakeholder involved, from their partners, to the end-customer, to everyone who benefits from a greener planet.” 

JJ McDonnell & Co. is currently shipping fin fish into three different retailers in the northeast. With the launch of Tosca’s 10-down container, they will expand the items shipped into these retailers to include more fin fish types. 

About Tosca 

Tosca ( is a global leader in reusable packaging solutions and pooling for food supply chains. Our unique end-to-end pooling capabilities offer growers, suppliers, and retailers a smarter and more sustainable way to move their products from source to shelf. With reusable containers and pallets that preserve product quality and reduce shrink and labor cost, we help these customers build higher performing supply chains.  

Tosca’s recent acquisition of Polymer Logistics and Contraload now creates one stronger partner with expanded global reach and a more robust product portfolio of reusable assets including crates, pallets, bulk containers, dollies and more, capable of serving the entire supply chain. 

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