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Tosca Adds Smaller Crate Designed for Shellfish and Tray Pack Fish to its Seafood Portfolio  

September 30, Atlanta, GA – Tosca, a global leader in reusable packaging and pooling solutions, is adding a new 10-down seafood reusable plastic container (RPC) to its portfolio. The launch of this crate, called the Seafood 3419, comes just over one year after Tosca began pooling the larger 6419 5-down seafood crate in customer supply chains.   

The use of RPCs in seafood supply chains was so successful that Tosca is already expanding its range of seafood crates to accommodate other seafood SKUs. The Seafood 3419 features all the same benefits that made the 6419 such a success such as product insulation, cost-efficiency, the ability to replace 10-down EPS foam boxes, and improved  stacking capabilities. The 10-down crate will primarily be used for tray pack fish and shellfish.   

Eric Frank, Chief Executive Officer at Tosca is excited about this upcoming launch. “The seafood category is one of our largest sustainability opportunities. EPS foam has a terrible impact on the environment and enabling the seafood industry to replace EPS foam entirely with RPCs is a huge priority for us,” Frank said.  “This drive to facilitate more sustainable seafood supply chains was initially why we implemented the Seafood 6419 for finfish, however current retail partners have more sustainability needs.  They turned to us for a smaller solution that could accommodate shellfish and tray pack fish, thus initiating the launch of the 10-down seafood container.”  

This highly anticipated product offers a more sustainable alternative to corrugated and foam in seafood supply chains.  The ability to eliminate waste while offering significant protection for the seafood products that it carries is what makes Tosca’s range of seafood crates so impactful in supply chains. 

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