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Tosca makes trying a new packaging solution as easy as possible.  There is no commitment, but plenty of benefits.  And because no two supply chains are the same, we customize your pilot specifically to your business.

We do the work.  You enjoy the savings.

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How it works:

Four easy steps to savings

Step 1: Scope

Tosca works with you to identify products, regions, DCs, suppliers and stores to include—and to set the goals of your pilot program.

What we do:

  • Analyze your Supply Chain Savings & Benefit Model
  • Determine best container or pallet
  • Conduct pack-outs
  • Help you set goals and timeline


Step 2: Set-up

We custom-build a training program around your team, visiting your suppliers, DCs and individual stores to share best practices on container or pallet shipping, handling and returns.

What we do:

  • Customize handbooks, videos & posters
  • Develop and lead training
  • Work with your team to define reverse logistics
  • Gather feedback

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Step 3: Execute

It’s time to deploy your pilot program. Tosca is right beside you throughout the program checking in on stores and reviewing progress.

What we do:

  • Conduct site visits to stores and DCs
  • Track performance against goals
  • Suggest changes to optimize


Step 4: Evaluate

Tosca prepares a full report on your results complete with feedback from DCs and store associates. The report typically shows reductions in shrink, transportation, packaging cost, labor—or all of the above.

What we do:

  • Collect feedback from stores/DCs

  • Analyze performance against goals

  • Present final report

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Outcomes: Typical pilot program results

After years of experience converting thousands of stores to reusables, here’s what we usually see when compared to corrugated.

  • Shrink Reduction

    A reduction in wasted, damaged or unsaleable product from eliminating box failures from your supply chain.

  • Packaging Savings

    Measurable savings with reusables by eliminating excess packaging waste such as corner boards, strapping, and shrink wrap.

  • Transportation Savings

    Optimized cube lowers your transportation costs. Reusables are stronger and have a standardized footprint—so they stack higher. Plus, they fold and nest to save on reverse logistics.

  • Labor Efficiencies

    Labor savings that come from a more organized cooler and a container or pallet solution that simplifies handling and restocking. Plus, there’s no cardboard or foam waste to bale.

If you suspect your supply chain is loaded with extra cost…

You’re probably right. Tosca reusables have helped customers using corrugated, wood and foam save as much as 25% on transportation, achieve up to 50% reductions in shrink, and reduce stocking time by 53%.

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Pilot program case studies: See the proven results

Case Study: Eggs for national retailer

One of the largest retailers in the country used our pilot program to test RPCs, switching commodity eggs from corrugated to RPCs. They began with 1 DC, serving 100 stores, shipping from a single supplier. The program ran 3 months.


  • Shrink and product quality
  • Impact to DC and store
  • Impact to labor efficiency at DC and store

50% reduction in shrink and labor costs

Rolled out RPCs to all DCs nationally

Case Study: Case ready meat for regional retailer

East coast regional grocer conducted a pilot test with RPCs in their 2 DCs and all stores for 3 months.


  • Transportation efficiencies
  • Shrink and product quality
  • Impact to labor efficiency at DCs and store
  • Cost neutral conversion

25% in transportation

Improved cube due to stronger container

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