The go-to cheese industry experts for

over 50 years

Key Benefits:

Pioneer of industry-standard “640” cheese box, container of choice for nearly 80% of cheese made in a 640

More than 40 years of reconditioning services for a major food manufacturer

Tosca 640 container is USDA & WDATCP approved

How It Works

More cheese per container, more cheese per truck, more savings per turn

Make Plants

Rent the 640 wood boxes for a hassle-free way to package their cheese for short or long term hold.

Cut/Convert Plants

Receive the 640 boxes and remove the stretchwrap and wood panels to unveil a 640 lb block of cheese. The cheese is processed per customer specifications and the container is returned to a Tosca service center.

Tosca Service Center

Tosca reconditions and repairs the 640 boxes after every use at one of four locations nationwide by cleaning and re-waxing the wood panels, and stripping and repainting the frames to deliver the best possible, like new container at every turn.

Since 1958, Tosca has been helping cheese makers get their supply chain to a better place.

The Tosca Advantage

When it comes to supply chain management, Tosca is the cheese industry's respected leader. The team has an expert maker on staff who knows everything about cheese and is always available to provide expertise where needed. Tosca manages the largest pool of 640 containers in the industry, and for 20+ years has been able to fulfill every customer order without shorting a single one. However, the best part of Tosca supply chain management is the hassle-free service that comes with full logistics management so you can do what you do best: make cheese.

Simply the Best Containers

The cheese industry has selected wood as the material of choice for containers due to its durability, low per pound packaging cost, repairability, and cheese forming effectiveness; and from the time the first 640 container was used in the 1960s, Tosca has been constantly improving on the process: rounding and routing all square edges, replacing mild steel springs with stainless steel nestable springs, eliminating steel wax painted corner irons and implementing a stretch wrap system to reduce contaminants and tare weight.

We Are the Standard

Tosca actively participated in developing national guidelines, gaining their eventual approval as Industry Standards by USDA and WDATCP. In fact, the NCI guidelines were updated to reflect the "Tosca Standards." From the initial launch of the 640 Cheese Container, Tosca has provided the rigorous sorting, cleaning, wood panel re-waxing and frame stripping/repainting services required after every use.

An Inside Look at Efficiency

Tosca was sustainable before sustainability was trendy. Take a look inside the Wisconsin facility, where a pool of 640 cheese containers are maintained to Tosca standards.

Wisconsin Dairy News Feature (1:51)

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Success Story

Green Tier Program

Reducing weight and creating double-digit increases in capacity per truckload.

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Take Your Supply Chain to a Better Place


Reusables make your supply chain more cost-effective by reducing the amount of damaged product, labor and cardboard.

At Every Turn

Tosca provides the attention and resources required to deliver greater support and reduced risk throughout your entire supply chain.


A more efficient, less wasteful supply chain generates savings directly to your bottom line.

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