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See how much you could save with RPCs.

A Tosca rep will provide a comprehensive analysis that pinpoints where and how much Tosca RPCs can help you save before you make a switch.

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We use your existing shrink data (or industry averages) to illustrate the savings potential of reducing damage in your supply chain with stronger, more protective RPCs. More saleable product means a healthier bottom line.

What we model:

  • Current shrink rate with corrugated vs. reduced rate with RPCs
  • Value per lb of the products you’re shipping
  • Annual cost of goods damaged while shipping with corrugated



We model the cost of your current corrugated packaging and all accessory packaging like tape, slip sheets, corner board and strapping – then compare it to the pricing of our RPC alternative. Between our competitive pricing and reducing the need for these extras, the savings add up quickly.

What we model:

  • Cost per corrugated box vs. RPCs
  • Annual volume of corrugated boxes purchased
  • Additional costs of accessory packaging materials required to ship corrugated


We’ll evaluate your current freight rate from plant to DC to store, and the product capacity of your typical truckload with corrugated. While stacked corrugated boxes crush easily, Tosca RPCs were made for stacking high. So their sturdy, standardized footprint helps you make fewer trips.

What we model:

  • Average number of annual truckloads with corrugated compared to RPCs that optimize cube
  • Average freight lane cost
  • Number of units you typically fit per truckload with corrugated
  • Typical stack height with corrugated

Store Labor

From truck to shelf in less time than corrugated. RPCs can decrease labor by more than 50% thanks to retail-ready designs. Stop unloading. Stop breaking down boxes. And get teams back to work.

What we model:

  • Number of stores
  • Hourly labor rate
  • Stocking time
  • Annual handling cost

OCC Impact

Finally, our model considers the current value of the OCC credit you’re receiving per ton of corrugated you recycle. With declining values of OCC, your old corrugated might only pay pennies these days. Eliminate the hassle of managing waste and offset the cost of this declining revenue stream by saving with RPCs.

What we model:

  • Your current corrugated box recovery rate
  • The value you’re compensated per ton of corrugated recovered
  • The average total tonnage recovered

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