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The Tosca 640 Cheese box forms, cures and protects fine cheeses

Our 640 isn’t simply a better way to ship cheese – it’s a better way to make cheese, too. With material sourced from the world’s finest wood and steel importers, the Tosca 640 cheese box is the premiere choice for curing, storing and transporting bulk cheese

  • Durability

    Cheese makers have trusted Tosca wood containers for over six decades. Our wood is more durable and sustainable than the competitors’ plastic, lasts longer, reduces shrink, and cools more evenly, preserving the quality of your cheese.

  • Service

    Tosca offers incomparable service and logistical support to cheese makers. We train you to use our proprietary stretch wrap machine. We clean, recondition and sanitize every container between uses, at one of our four nationwide service centers. And we fulfill on time – 100% of the time.

  • Safety

    Our 640 cheese boxes keep your product safer during transport. Wood is more food safe than plastic alternatives as it naturally inhibits the growth of bacteria. And large cheese blocks retain their shape better than typical 40-pound pieces.

How Tosca 640 cheese boxes work

Order 640 containers

Cheese is packed for delivery to cut/convert plants

Cut/Convert Plants Disassemble Boxes – Return to 1 of 4 Reconditioning Facilities

Tosca Service Centers Recondition 640s For Reuse

Four keys to superior performance

1. Material

The finest waxed wood. This natural material optimizes safety, durability, sustainability and cheese quality.

2. Safety

High safety standards. Unlike plastic, wood inhibits bacterial growth. And we thoroughly clean, maintain and sanitize each container after every use.

3. Efficiency

Ultra-efficient assembly. We provide easy-to-use shrink wrap machines, along with training and service.

4. Sustainability

Superior sustainability. Our wood containers can be safely reused for years, and ultimately recycled.

Our wood is more durable and sustainable than the plastic used in competing cheese containers, so it lasts longer with less breakage and product waste. Every Tosca customer receives stretch-wrapping machines, training, maintenance, repairs, and 24/7 support – making these containers an even smarter choice.

Cheese Box Specs

Beehives Made From Repurposed Tosca 640 Cheese Containers

When we say “eliminating waste at every turn,” we don’t just mean within the supply chain. Learn how our 640 cheese boxes are being repurposed as beehives for Indian Summer Honey Farm in Germantown, Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Dairy News – Tosca cheese

Tosca has been an industry leader for the better part of sixty years, supplying the biggest cheesemakers in North America with our reliable wooden 640 containers.

640 box components

1. Pressure Board
A pressure board, along with the springs, puts pressure on the cheese during the aging process to properly form and cure the block.

2. Top & Bottom Board
Top and Bottom boards are placed in the top and bottom steel frames and form perfectly to the steel frame dimensions. They do not have notches in them.

3. Wide Side Board
A wide side board has three notches which interlock with the narrow side board and one sample hole.

4. Narrow Side Board
A narrow side board has two notches which interlock with the wide side board and two sample holes.

5. Steel Top Frame
A metal component which is placed on the top of the box. Each four corners has a safety clip for stacking purposes.

6. Steel Bottom Frame
A metal component with legs that acts as the base of the box.

7. Springs
Basic wire components which go between the top board and pressure board.

Discover the big difference 640s can make.

A 640 cheese container leasing plan, customized to your needs, can boost your cheese making business. We’re ready to show you how.

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