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More visibility.

More savings.

More control.

Your pooled pallets and bulk containers already do a lot for you, but with Tosca Asset IQ they’ll find efficiencies and relieve bottlenecks that lead to better performance.

  • Realtime asset location
  • Pinpoint asset leaks
  • Monitor utilization & cycle times

Find More in Your Supply Chain with Tosca Asset IQ

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With Asset IQ, spot inefficiencies you
didn’t know were there

Click a scenario below to see what Asset IQ can uncover in your supply chain.

This shipment of 20 pallets
is going to arrive 6 hours late

Without accurate status and delivery times your unloaders are left scrambling and forecasts miss the mark. Real time location updates from Asset IQ improve scheduling and recover wasted downtime.

17 bins haven’t moved
in the last three days

Assets that sit idle or bottleneck delivery deadlines could hint at overuse or underuse.

Custom reporting from Asset IQ could justify cost-saving adjustments to your pool size.

128 crates are in unauthorized locations…

Assets that wander mean losses and penalties that cost you thousands annually.

Pinpoint pallets, bins and crates in unauthorized locations within 5-meters with Asset IQ alerts.

Your suppliers shipments have
been late 6 times this week…

Without aggregated trend data, your suppliers could be getting away with  big inefficiencies.

Take control with Asset IQ. Review and set key performance metrics across individual GeoZones.

With Asset IQ, spot inefficiencies you
didn’t know were there

Click a scenario below to see what Asset IQ can uncover in your supply chain.

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How it works

Using Tosca Asset IQ is simple. We’ll help you build a plan and
KPIs around supply chain pain points.

Harness connective technologies like Bluetooth, WiFi and Cellular GPS.

Outfit devices to pallets, bulk containers, crates and more.

Measure and optimize via real-time dashboard, alerts and reports.

Insights lead to performance

with Asset IQ’s easy-to-use dashboard

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Realtime data on each and every asset

Get up-to-the-minute location, status, dwell time, alerts and journey data on individual assets with a single click or tap.

Custom alerts put you in total control

Choose from dozens of useful supply chain alerts or build your own. Like “dwell time exceeded”, “shelf life violated” or “unauthorized location.”


    Arrival/departure updates for a large global retailer

    When a global retailer’s urban drop-offs caused mid-city traffic jams, managers used Tosca Asset IQ to get realtime status updates so staff could prepare for the incoming delivery.
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    Preventing lost assets for a Pan-European retailer

    A big retailer was losing their valuable plastic home shopping crates at a rate of more than 50% annually during home deliveries. Tosca Asset IQ -outfitted crates with connected gateways now pinpoint check-in/out of delivery vans and stores. They expect the program to reduce losses by 90%.
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    Enhancing point of purchase data for a global supplier

    When a household-name worldwide supplier was spending too much time visiting retail stores to ensure compliance with point-of-purchase promo programs, Tosca Asset IQ was outfitted to display pallets to ensure proper in-store placement, measure foot traffic and connect to sales data – increasing compliance from 60 to 82%!
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Learn more about the ins and outs of supply chain IoT

with Tosca EMEA President, Jesse Sels

Advanced functionality

Activate these new and advanced features and alerts that monitor the status and
health of cargo, in addition to your reusable packaging assets.

Determine past or current temperature and humidity for products in transit to ensure food safety and quality


Find out if a bumpy route or poor handling are to blame for damaged products or packaging


Know when an item has been removed from your pallet, or whether that bulk liquid bin is only half-full.

Weight and fill

Tunnel Asset IQ into your existing ERP system to improve inventory counts and forecasts.


Know where your display pallets are in the store, and whether they’re getting the right traffic and exposure.

Promo compliance

Is that crate folded up or open? Is that bin wide open or closed? Now you’ll know.


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