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Four times more strength stacks the odds in your favor.

Our reusable plastic containers, designed specifically for the meat industry, are four times stronger than corrugated cardboard boxes. That means more protection, less shrink, and significantly more savings. Stronger cases also enable higher stacks, maximizing cube to minimize trips. And IoT enabled pallets, with real-time tracking, reduce the worry and risk of shipping valuable meats.

  • Save 25% on transport

    With higher stacks, plus lighter pallets that allow up to 6% more merchandise on each vehicle, Tosca helps you ship more meat per truck. As a result, some customers experience as much as a 25% savings in transportation costs.

  • Minimize waste

    Stronger crates mean that the weight of the stack rests on durable plastic, rather than on the expensive meat, preserving product quality and reducing shrink. Reusable plastics mean less material waste versus corrugated combo bins, and less wasted labor disposing of them.

  • Reduce risk in real time

    IoT enabled Cleanpal pallets, designed to integrate seamlessly with our RPCs, send data to your dashboard at every step of the journey, keeping you informed and in control.


    A case study packed with savings.

    Learn how one regional retailer cut transportation costs 25% after switching to Tosca RPC.
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Freight cost

Freight savings with RPCs

Stronger Tosca meat RPCs stack higher to fit more on truck.

See how an even greater improvement in “pounds per truck” can impact savings:



Get ready to save on shipping case-ready meat.

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