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More freshness. More savings. More productivity.

Supplier to shelf, reusable plastic containers deliver more value than one-way, single-use packaging.

Better Protection.

In our business, nothing is more important than the quality containers we deliver to our customers. From produce to protein, perishables packed in sturdy, smart-stacking RPCs stay fresher—that means bright, unblemished, safe and delicious—better than those packed in one-way packaging. Plus, our RPCs' strategically ventilated design cools more efficiently, to seal in that perfect level of freshness even faster.

Using RPCs vs. one-way packaging reduces food damage by up to 50%

Lower Costs.

Profits are like perishables: Savings or losses can happen anywhere in the supply chain. RPCs optimize ROI at every stage, and we work closely with our partners to realize the lowest total costs from start to finish—and back—while always upholding the quality and saleability of your products.

Estimate your savings with the Revolutionary RPC Impact Calculator

Greater Efficiencies.

Reusables are specifically designed to overcome the challenges of the supply chain and the inefficiencies of one-way packaging. RPCs’ advanced stacking, packing and protective properties—and, in our case, patented ergonomic handling and display capabilities—ensure higher quality product reaches the shelves in less time and with less labor.

RPCs can reduce labor by up to 20%, compared to one-way packaging

See how Tosca RPCs continue to deliver for our partners, case after case.

Sustainability means eliminating waste at every turn

Reducing food waste isn’t just our company goal—it’s a national imperative. In 2015, the USDA and EPA officially called for a 50% reduction in food waste by 2030.

50% food waste reduction goal by 2030

Wasted food means wasted energy and resources, including time, money and labor. It also means wasted impact. While Americans collectively send $52 million in food waste to landfills every year, 1 in 7 of us—friends, neighbors, community members—struggle to get enough to eat each day.

$52 million in food waste sent to landfills

Ensuring that more quality perishables make it from farms to forks everywhere ensures that more of the work we do to grow, harvest, transport, stock and sell that food pays off—for more people, in more ways than one.

1 in 7 Americans is food insecure

Just think about how many of your products never make it to the shelf due to damage and spoilage. Now, envision cutting that number by 50%, simply by switching to reusables.

It's time to learn more about wasting less.

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