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Consumer brands and retailers are without doubt battling against the perfect storm. Margins are under pressure from rising commodity and energy prices. The need to strengthen a brand, maximize in-store impact and boost sales has never been greater.  Selecting the right retail Point-of-Sale (POS) display is key. Products need to stand out and look appealing to the consumer but not at the expense of operational efficiencies and sustainability. 

Brands and retailers are searching for simple yet sustainable solutions that boost sales, unlock supply chain efficiencies and reduce replenishment time. 

Regarding point-of-sale displays and Free-Standing Display Units (FSDUs), there are certainly many options out there, and the most common are made from corrugated.  

These do not come without their challenges – outdated or damaged displays piled up in distribution centers and at the back of retail stores, damaged contents that have not been adequately protected, and the tedious time it takes to build, move and restock corrugated displays. 

Many leading retailers and brands have turned to Tosca to provide a sustainable alternative to traditional corrugated display stands and are achieving up to 50% cost savings, increased sales, and reduced piles of corrugated. 

Tosca’s sustainable retail solution – clear, plastic point-of-sale displays and FSDUs  

Crystal Clear FSDU (Free Standing Display Units) systems incorporate reusable trays or crates with polymer ¼ pallets or ¼ wheeled dollies. The durable yet lightweight crates feature clear side panels, making it easy for busy staff to identify products during picking and replenishment to speed up the process. With improved visibility, customers can now clearly see when products are available and can reach them easily. 

The units are also compact, giving the promotion optimal visibility while saving valuable floor space. The ¼ dollies make them easy to move around the shop floor, enabling the stand to be quickly repositioned to a new location if requirements change. As the Crystal-Clear units are reusable and fully recyclable, they also reduce waste and help meet ambitious sustainability goals. A win-win! 

Tosca Crystal Clear Point-of-Sale Display

Why choose Tosca’s Crystal Clear point-of-sale displays? 

  • Aesthetically Pleasing – Showcase your products in a simple, yet attractive, open-look system that increases sales and offers more access to the product. 
  • Reusable and Durable – Our sturdy crates and trays can be trusted to protect what is inside, reducing product damage. Reuse them for multiple campaigns. 
  • Labor Efficient – Enjoy simplified and quicker replenishment thanks to inventory being rolled easily onto the shop floor when used with Tosca’s ¼ dollies.  
  • Foldable and Stackable – Optimize valuable space at the back of your store. Tosca’s crates and trays take up less space when in storage or transit. 
  • Sustainable – Eliminate single-use corrugated from your supply chain. 
  • Compatible with Tosca’s Innovative Technology, AssetIQ. Track and trace products through your supply chain to the store. For more on AssetIQ and Tosca’s supply chain IoT (Internet of Things) capabilities, click here
  • Available for purchase from Tosca or as part of a complete pooling solution, managed by us. – Choose what is best for you. Buy the point-of-sale display from us or incorporate Tosca’s pooling solutions into your supply chain and unlock further efficiencies. Learn more about pooling solutions here

Ready to make the switch to a sustainable FSDU system and join the reusable revolution? 

Experience Tosca’s portfolio of reusable Crystal Clear FSDU crates, trays, pallets, and dollies and transform your supply chain, boost your brand, and improve sales. 

Learn more about Tosca’s point-of-sale displays here.