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CR3-5 ECO 1210


The CR3-5 ECO is a recycled HDPE industrial size metal-reinforced heavy duty pallet with a Palgrip®-Anti-slip top deck. This pallet is ideal for high racking and automated processes. Mainly used for superabsorbent polymers, these pallets also have applications in any chemical and non-food industry that requires a very high level of hygiene but can use a pallet made from recycled materials. The CR3-5 ECO has five runners so it can be used 2-ways in rack and 2-ways on a conveyor belt. Rims and anti-slip stripes on the upper deck allow users to safely stack empty pallets or safely secure loads.


    Loading & Stacking


  • Hygienic

    Plastic pallets are non-porous and resistant to moisture, insects, fungi, acids, fats, solvents and odor. Our pallets are inspected after every turn to make sure they meet our quality standards.

  • Sustainable

    Ultra-durable pallets can be reused for years and outlast wood alternatives. At the end of their lifecycle, they get recycled and remanufactured into new pallets.

  • Built for Automation

    Because plastic pallets are molded, the sizes and weight are always consistent, causing zero disturbances in your automated material handling systems.

  • No transport restrictions

    Plastic pallets are ISPM-15 proof.

  • Heavy Duty

    Up to 1400 kg in rack.

  • Traceable

    RFID, GPRS and IOT technology can be embedded into our pallets, enabling that ability to track and trace your products through the supply chain and providing the data you need to make improvements to efficiency and flow.