If wood is how you’re still shipping,

then we need to talk…

Introducing Tosca NeRa pallets.

NeRa Pallets

Europe’s strongest heavy-duty nestable rackable

pallet is designed to out-perform wood.

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Let’s talk NeRa pallets vs. wood

Tosca NeRa pallets have

5 major advantages over wood that can

reduce your total cost of business.

Wood damages easily, NeRa Pallets
are engineered for strength

With wood…

Forks, racks, and conveyors all crack, chip and warp your wood pallets; around 1⁄3 require repairs. You end up paying pass-through repair costs annually from your pallet pooler.

With NeRa…

A patented PowerDeck reinforced solid top deck minimizes damage to give you the best of both worlds: it’s strong like a rackable wood pallet, but light like a nestable.

  • Added deck strength reduces damage rate
  • 3,000kg static load capacity never before achieved with a nestable
  • 18kg low-weight

Wood wastes space,
NeRa pallets save 2.5x stack height

With wood…

You can’t nest, so it stacks up tall in small plants, DC’s and retail, wasting precious storage space. And since you can’t fit as many on a truck, you pay extra transportation costs.

With NeRa…

The nestable design cuts stack heights by more than half, so you’ll fit an average of 660 more in each return truck and save big on transportation costs.

  • 2.5:1nesting ratio
  • 2.5X more storage space
  • 2.5X more pallets on return trips

Wood is inconsistent,
NeRa pallets are all uniform in size

With wood…

There’s lots of variation in size, shape and weight. Weight alone can be off by as much as 50%. That leads to hundreds of extra hours re-weighingand tending to jammed automation equipment.

With NeRa…

Each plastic NeRa pallet is the same weight and size, and SureFoot legs evenly distribute loads.

  • Work with all standard 100mm,150mm conveyor roller pitches
  • Fits standard and drive-in racking

Wood is messy,
NeRa pallets are cleaner and safer

With wood…

Splinters jam conveyors and clutter floors causing extra hours of cleanup labor annually. Not to mention they can puncture cargo and injure employees.

With NeRa…

Plastic pallets are damage- and germ-resistant for cleaner overall operations. You’ll save on labor spent cleaning wood shavings off conveyors and floors. No more heat treating. Fewer wash trips.

  • SureFoot wide lateral leg ensures damage-free transfer over conveyors
  • Contoured leg design deflects incoming forks to minimize damage
  • High-vis coloring helps forklift operators safely navigate heavy loads in the high rack

Wood is wasteful,
NeRa pallets are sustainable

With wood…

even with repairs, the chips, cracks and warps mean wood simply doesn’t work as well for as long. It has a higher damage rate and causes 2.5X more Co2 emissions.*

With NeRa…

100% reusable, repairable and recyclable plastic helps you reduce pallet disposal waste, and lowers C02 emissions by 2.5X compared to wood.

  • 100% recyclable HDPE plastic
  • Absence of bottom runners greatly reduces damage rate
  • Easy replaceable legs extend pallet life


  • It’s not just smart business – it’s smart tech.

    For the ultimate in high-performance logistics, NeRa pallets can be outfitted with Tosca Asset IQ, supply chain IoT for real-time locationing and other supply chain insights.

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If you’re ready to transform your supply chain, let’s talk pallets.

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