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For over two years now, supply chains today have been fighting against challenging headwinds and tight profit margins. When facing these headwinds, it is critical that suppliers have a trustworthy and transparent pallet pooling partner on their side to help them operate as smoothly as possible. Cereal producers require the pallets they use to promote food safety to the highest standard, arrive on time and in the right quantity, and remain durable throughout their plants and supply chains.  

Three cereal producers have found the solution for sourcing reliable pallets in a partnership with leading reusable plastic pallet pooler, Tosca. Tosca’s pooled, food-grade H1, CR1 and CR3 pallets have become a key benefit to these producers. Each has gained more efficiency and a reduction in overall supply chain costs. These efficiencies come from both the quality of the pallets themselves and the efficiency of the pooling model Tosca uses to distribute its pallets. 

Get to know the reusable plastic pallet.

This food grade virgin HDPE pallet features heavy-duty metal reinforcements and a Palgrip®-Anti-slip top deck. This pallet is ideal for high racking and automated processes for a multitude of industries. Featuring three runners, making the pallet easy to handle, the upper deck has rims and anti-slip stripes for safely stacking empty pallets and securing loads 

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Rubin Mühle

Rubin Mühle GmbH is a respected family business known for their high-quality cereal flakes, extrudates, and flours. They are primarily active in Germany, but a significant portion of their business requires export to the rest of the EU. The short distances between Tosca’s service centers and their facilities allows them to be nimble in the market and respond quickly to customer needs and changing requirements. When deciding to work with Tosca, Rubin Mühle was impressed by Tosca’s large, but dense network that enabled them to reach their international customers with as much flexibility as those closer to home. By selecting Tosca as their pallet pooling partner, Rubin Mühle has gained a partner that supports them as they work to be a better partner to their own customers. 

Karl Heinz Böke, Head of Logistics at Rubin Mühle GmbH, said, “It is important to us that we, as a family business, look to the long-term and build sustainable partnerships. The strength of our partnership with Tosca enables us to source quality pallets at key times, thus providing us the ability to be adaptable to customer needs and a better partner ourselves” 

What is pooling?

A system of pooled pallets owned and managed by Tosca ensures each individual asset is utilized fully and kept in the best condition.

Each customer benefits from a high-quality asset that arrives on time, has a lower carbon footprint due to shorter transportation routes, and more efficient return logistics.

Hedwigsburger Okermühle GmbH

Hedwigsburger Okermühle GmbH is a family-owned flour processor that distributes to some of the leading branded food companies and other industrial customers. Their customers produce cereals as well as frozen and fresh bread products such as biscuits, rolls and pastries. They also manufacture and supply batter for the meat, fish and spice industries. They place a powerful emphasis on collecting their raw materials from local contract farmers, thus ensuring that they provide a trustworthy, sustainable product to their customers. 

Hedwigsburger Okermühle GmbH had issues with their previous pallet provider because their pallets were often unavailable and there were inventory discrepancies that resulted in enormous costs. Since switching to Tosca, they have encountered none of these issues. They have benefited from Tosca’s willingness to create a tailor-made solution together with each of their customers in order to create optimal solutions for everyone.  

Birko Boeltzig, Deputy Managing Director at Hedwigsburger Okermühle GmbH, said, “Tosca is reliable, accessible, and they operate with incredible transparency! The ability to tailor solutions has helped us reduce storage space, operate a more reliable supply chain, and reduce costs. We only wish Tosca would have approached us sooner!” 

Harries Schälmühlenwerk

Harries Schälmühlenwerk GmbH & Co.KG is also a key leader in the industrial German cereal industry. They operate two oat mills, one that produces oats traditionally and one mill that is entirely gluten free. They are a trusted producer, respected by businesses of all types such as cereal producers, bakeries, butcher shops, biscuit manufacturers, sports nutrition producers, the dairy industry and the animal feed industry. Dissatisfaction with their previous pooled pallet provider drove them to seek a change.  By switching to pallet pooling partner, Tosca, Harries Schälmühlenwerk GmbH & Co.KG can now work with a team that is incredibly responsive to their needs in a rapidly changing supply chain environment.  

Florian Harries, CEO of Harries Schälmühlenwerk GmbH, is especially pleased with how easy Tosca has been to work with. “Our customers expect unwavering quality of products regardless of the challenges we face. We have been able to remain such a trusted brand due to the support of our suppliers and partners, one of whom is Tosca. Since working with Tosca, we have noticed cost savings, reduced time in our supply chain, and have gained a partner that is easier to work with overall.”