Tosca Post and Parcel Bins: More space, less cost, true sustainability

From foldable large containers to display bins with rising-floors, Tosca bins give the Post and Parcel industry better options to save money, time, and to contribute to a circular economy.

  • Space savings

    The designs enables to maximize the space avaiable for parcels within the containers. And by making them foldable and stackable we are saving space during transport and in the storage.

  • Waste reduction

    Reusable bins reduce waste and save money. Lasting for many years, they achieve long-term savings over single-use containers. Lightweight, yet extremely strong, they provide superior impact protection, preventing costly parcel damage.

  • Sustainability

    Tosca has a unique “3Rs” approach to sustainability: reduce, reuse, recycle. Our durable bins and other reusables offer long life cycles, after which we recycle and remanufacture them ourselves.

  • A smarter way to ship

    Tosca has “smart” post and parcel solutions, to keep you informed and your packages on track. IoT-enabled pallets give you real-time data that can reduce risk, save you money and create new revenue streams.
    Tosca IoT Solutions

Improve your Post and Parcel profitability with Tosca RPCs.

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