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GMA pallets

GMA 228

Progenic GMA+


Progenic GMA+

Our reusable plastic pallet is a stronger alternative to wood pallets that reduces overall cost. These pallets reduce damage to products and last longer in high volume supply chains. Our plastic pallets are also non-porous, eliminating the risk of contamination by water absorption and bacteria growth in clean environments.

Height: 5.6 in
Length: 48 in
Width: 40 in
Weight: 41 lbs
Static Load Rating: 20,000 lbs
Dynamic Load Rating: 3,500 lbs
53’ Trailer Quantity: 540
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Product Features


Features such as a large fork opening, ergonomic design, and a flow-through top deck increase efficiency, cleanliness, and are overall safer for workers.


Superior strength creates excellent impact resistance and is ideal for cold environments where breakage with wood pallets is a concern.


Plastic pallets can be cleaned, reducing the risk of contamination. They also don’t produce wood chips or splinters and cannot absorb moisture like wood pallets.