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Beverage Tray 2L


Reduce the frequency of restocking with this high-capacity beverage tray. Prevent lost sales due to lack of inventory on display, and lower your labor costs, as less-frequent replenishment is required. These durable plastic trays are reusable for years, after which we recycle and remanufacture them ourselves, ensuring a full circle of sustainability.


    Loading & Stacking


  • Lowers labor costs

    Replenish less often, thanks to high-capacity trays.

  • Avoids lost sales 

    Stackable, high-capacity trays preventing waste and reducing shrink.

  • More secure for transport

    Grooves for pallet stacking ensure stability.

  • Easier on workers

    Lighter than wood, without the hazard of splinters or wires.

  • Improves hygiene

    Resistant to moisture, insects, fungi, acids, fats, solvents and odor.

  • Supports sustainability 

    Reusable for years, then recycled and remanufactured by Tosca, in-house.