General Purpose Bin


This reusable, foldable plastic container is more efficient throughout the supply chain for shipping liquids. It lowers transportation costs, thanks to light-but-strong polymer construction. It saves on time and labor, with the flexibility to be aseptically filled via the top or bottom. Unlike standard bins, it is foldable and stackable, saving on storage space. And this bin is easier to keep sanitary, with features like a low-residue liner.


  • - Lower transportation cost

    Lighter weight means lower fuel consumption. - Less labor, more savings. Bins are easier to erect, providing better use of value added labor. - Space-saving. Foldable and stackable, requiring less storage space. - Sustainable. Durable plastic bins are reusable for years, and recyclable.


  • Dimensioni esterne 48 x 40 x 45 In.
  • Dimensioni piegati 48 x 40 x 12.25 In.
  • Distanza tra Skids 12in.
  • Distanza tra Skids (lato corto) 13in.
    Caricamento e impilamento
  • Capacità massima 1200 lbs
  • Peso 105 lbs

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