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The L1 pallet, a food-grade virgin Euro-sized PE pallet, has a robust, consistent design which is an exact copy of an EPAL wooden pallet’s dimensions. Its high durability and three closed runners at the bottom offer optimal support. A corrosion-resistant, anti-slip coating on the top deck reliably secures the pallet load and the L1 is compatible with automated systems. These pallets are equipped with RFID technology so they can be tracked and traced.

External Dimensions: 1200 x 800 x 150 mm.
Weight: 20 kg
Max Static Load: 7500 kg
Max Dynamic Load: 1250 kg
Max In Rack Load: 1250 kg
Temperature Range: -30° C to 40° C, briefly up to +90 °C
Units Per Trailer: 528
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Plastic pallets have a stable and robust structure and can be easily cleaned and repaired. Depending on the hygiene needs, our pallets can be washed and inspected to ensure they meet your high-quality standards.


Plastic pallets are a sustainable solution because they can be reused for years and at the end of their service life, can be recycled.


Plastic pallets are compliant with automated systems as the sizes and weights are always consistent. Replenishment times are also reduced and they save more space when being stored or in transit.