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Magnum Optimum 1210


Featuring smooth sidewalls that are deal for dry bulk food or non-food, this foodgrade virgin HDPE euro size heavy duty Folding Large Container (FLC) saves space in your warehouse and during return transport, ultimately resulting in lower costs and a reduced carbon footprint. Its durable structure and two runners ensure strength and stability throughout the supply chain, even when the container is open or folded. Designed for safe and easy handling while folding and unfolding, an ergonomic dropdoor on the long side of the container allows for easy picking.


    Loading & Stacking


  • Hygienic

    Plastic containers are non-porous and resistant to moisture, insects, fungi, acids, fats, solvents and odor. Our containers are inspected after every turn to make sure they meet our quality standards.

  • Sustainable

    Plastic containers are ultra-durable because they can be reused for years, then get recycled and remanufactured into new containers.

  • Built for Automation

    Because plastic containers are molded, the sizes and weight are always consistent, causing zero disturbances in your automated material handling systems. Unfolding and folding can be done by only one operator.

  • No transport restrictions

    Plastic export containers are ISPM-15 proof.