Poultry 6419


The industry’s first Reusable Plastic Container (RPC) custom built for poultry and specifically designed to handle the realities of shipping. Unlike corrugated boxes which fail due to leakage, this durable RPC has the strength and structural integrity to handle heavy, wet loads. It ensures that your poultry arrives in the best condition possible, using labor as efficiently as possible.


  • - Protects product quality

     Stronger container structure bears the weight of the stack so the products inside don’t have to.   - Reduces shrink/product damage.  Made of high-strength plastic to protect against damage during transport, and engineered for durability Tosca RPCs can handle the rigors of shipping wet, heavy poultry.   - Saves on labor.  Durable containers eliminate corrugated box failures and time-consuming clean-up.   - Food safe.  With the highest food safety program in the industry, containers protect products from harmful bacteria.   - Supports sustainability.  Prevents the waste of single-use containers with a reusable, recyclable alternative 


  • Dimensioni esterne 24.00 x 16.01 x 7.90 In.
  • Dimensioni interne 22.82 x 14.81 x 7.30 In.
  • Dimensioni piegati 24.00 x 16.01 x 1.50 In.
    Caricamento e impilamento
  • Capacità massima 45 lbs
  • Peso 3.99 lbs

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