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Prepared Foods 6423

Tosca Fresh Kitchen RPCs are cleaner and more durable than competitor alternatives. and meet the toughest food prep standards. These RPCs fit 5 per pallet layer for any Tosca Prepared Foods and Fresh Kitchens RPC, are generously sized for dynamic packing and non-uniform clamshells, plus feature ergonomic handles for fast handling.

External Dimensions: 23.64 x 15.76 x 9.46 In.
Internal Dimensions: 22.54 x 14.66 x 9.10 In.
Folded Dimensions: 23.64 x 15.76 x 2.09 In.
Max Capacity: 40 lbs
Weight: 4.85 lbs
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Prepared Foods 6423

Reduces shrink & product damage.

High-strength plastic protect products better than corrugated, preventing waste and reducing shrink.

Saves on labor.

Straight-to-shelf design simplifies restocking.

Saves space.

Foldable and stackable, to maximize truck and store space.

Food safe.

With the highest food safety program in the industry, containers protect products from harmful bacteria.

Supports sustainability.

Prevents the waste of single-use containers with a reusable, recyclable alternative.