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Superior Hybrid


The Superior Hybrid is a foodgrade virgin PP rectangular-shaped foldable 1000-liter container. This is the ideal container for all your low and high viscosity liquid products in industries such as cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. The steel-reinforced side panels hold liquid and keep your product safe. Designed for versatility, the container features five different sealable exit and entry points including one on each corner of the lid and on the bottom discharge dust cover. Once the container is sealed, the product inside is impossible to access. The container features a drop door and three runners for easy handling and a bottom discharge for minimizing residual product. Additionally, its high folding ratio saves space in storage and in transit, resulting in reduced costs and a smaller carbon footprint. Talk to sales about the tools we have available for filling, sealing and emptying.


  • external dimensions 48 x 40 x 45.15 In.
  • internal dimensions 44.96 x 36.81 x 44.36 In.
  • folded dimensions 48 x 40 x 14.72 In.
    Loading & Stacking
  • max capacity 17637 lbs
  • volume 264.17 gal
  • weight 225.97 lbs