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Crystal Clear reusable displays reduce solid waste and save time

Have you reached your waste saturation point? While the effectiveness of point-of-sale (POS) displays has been undeniable in boosting brand visibility and retail sales, success has come at a toll. Store operators and reverse logistics partners find themselves struggling to dispose of more single-use display packaging and non-standard wood pallets than ever before. Additionally, the lack of display standardization often results in handling and storage inefficiencies not only at retail, but also throughout the inbound supply chain.

That’s where the benefits of Crystal Clear reusable displays shine through. With Crystal Clear freestanding display units (FSDUs) from Tosca, you not only get an appealing display but also a system that is designed to minimize waste generation while promoting logistics efficiencies. 

Minimize waste generation while promoting logistics efficiencies with reusable displays

In fact, the effectiveness of reusable displays in reducing solid waste and labour requirements have been validated by work undertaken by Pulswerk, consultants for the Austrian Institute of Ecology (2018). The consultants determined that reusable displays offer a 60% advantage in avoided waste generation compared to disposable displays. For Austria alone, a switch to reusable displays has the potential to reduce cardboard waste in the range of 7.2 m kg and 10.8 m kg. Regarding display assembly, Pulswerk found that reusable displays are built in 26% less time, on average. In comparing disposable displays to reusable, Researchers observed that reusable displays are more stable and difficult to break even in a retail enviroment, while offering improved product protection and greater ease of use for store employees.

Aside from functional efficiencies characteristic of reusable displays, Crystal Clear goes a step beyond. It displays featured items with vivid clarity, including heavier ones. With a capacity of 40 kg per tray, it is a perfect match for even dense products such as beverages, shampoos and lotions. Additionally, the modular tray configuration readily facilitates the presentation of different product variations by layer in the same FSDU, thus creating the opportunity to sell a greater number of SKUs. Display units can be matched with POS messaging to further garner attention and stimulate sales. 

When emptied, Crystal Clear trays can be folded and stacked to allow for ease of storage until their retrieval for reuse. Waste generation is minimized, with no risk of knife cuts from taking apart a variety of custom disposable displayers. And when the reusable crates meet the end of their useful life, they can be fully recycled. 

In the supply chain, the modular design of the clear polycarbonate crates facilitates the efficient selection and stacking of items to effortlessly build displays and optimise cube utilisation. From supply chain start to finish, robust Crystal Clear crates prevent product damage, ensuring that the merchandise rolling onto the sales floor looks as pristine as the FSDU displaying them. 

POS displays have proven to drive sales, and they don’t need to bury you in waste as part of the package. Reusable displays can make a difference, and why not choose the best? Call us today to find out how Tosca’s Crystal Clear can help.