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Tosca is more than a packaging provider. We are a supply chain solutions company that is here to help make your supply chain more efficient and effective.

Market Applications

Although our primary application has been transporting perishables from suppliers to grocery retailers, there are numerous ways a more durable container can optimize your supply chain. RPCs are the ideal solution for any product that risks damage in transport, is part of the cold chain or has time-sensitive delivery. Consider the ways you could use our solutions to move perishables regardless of channel, market or even within your own supply chain.

Custom Solutions

Many of our current solutions were borne out of a specific industry need.  If your industry has a need that isn’t met by any of our current designs, we can put our ingenuity and experience to work, exploring options and coming up with the best container solution. These Tosca design solutions were developed precisely to meet the specific needs of our clients:

Smart Wall™️

Retail-ready packaging solution that reduces store labor with a simple one-touch dropwall.

Poultry Containers

Due to the leaky nature of poultry, we built an RPC that retains water and fluid, reducing box failures and messes.

Retail-Ready Solution

Simplifies restocking and lowers labor costs. Ideal for high-volume, labor intensive products.

Wash Services

Our 14 services centers are distributed across the country to make washing containers more convenient and efficient, with emphasis on sanitation and safety requirements. If you own containers and need a place to wash them, we can work with your team to design a wash service solution that takes this burden off your team.

Pool Acquisition & Management

Pooling is what we do. If you don't want to invest the capital to purchase or maintain your pool (because let's face it - you have more important things to worry about) - then let us help. If you have containers that aren’t working well, we can buy them and add them to our system, or find a better container for your needs and recycle your containers.

Vendor Managed Inventory

If you are spending time managing your RPC inventory, there are probably more productive ways you’d rather spend your time. At Tosca, we have full-suite logistics solutions, managing product inventory for our customers so they never have to place RPC orders.

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