Reusable plastics are better for both planet and profits

We’re helping our customers meet goals for sustainability and cost-savings as we work to create a world where all one-way packaging is converted to reusablesDiscover how our RPCspallets and other reusable products can create a more efficient and sustainable supply chain for you. 

Reusable plastics are better for both planet and profits
Reduce packaging waste

Eliminate the environmental and financial cost of materials waste. Our durable plastic reusables last for years and can then be recycled. 

Fewer trips and fuel

Maximise cube utilisation, minimise trips and reduce your carbon footprint with stronger, more space-efficient Tosca pallets and RPCs.

Less food waste

Reduce shrinkage and wasted food by shipping with stronger, more structurally sound containers and pallets. Unique Tosca designs prevent damage and help preserve food quality. 

Sustainability with savings

Save money by avoiding the purchase price and labour costs associated with using and disposing of one-way containers. Reduce losses from shrinkage with the better protection of high-quality, food-grade plastic. 

R&D for sustainability

Count on our R&D department to keep improving on sustainability, offering customisation to ensure that you, too, can meet your exact needs with our sustainable solutions. 

A straight line to the circular economy

With Tosca products, waste is prevented, not simply managed. Reusable and recyclable, they provide years of service, after which they can be turned into new reusables. It’s all part of our commitment to reduce waste, conserve energy and save natural resources.   

Millions of reasons to partner with Tosca

Our reusable products have already prevented millions of pounds of corrugated from entering landfills. That’s because every time you use one of our RPCs instead of corrugated, you keep up to 1.5 pounds of cardboard from entering the waste stream. Check our tracker for the latest updates on savings in materials.

As of January 2021, Tosca has diverted

tons of corrugated packaging from entering the supply chain since it began issuing RPCs in 2000.

  • Whitepaper

    Unlocking sustainability and new efficiencies in the supply chain.

    Learn more about three areas that can generate large amounts of waste in a traditional grocery retail setting: packaging, food storage, and transportation. In this whitepaper we discuss the activities that contribute to waste and explain how retailers can use reusable products to optimize sustainability while cutting costs and improving productivity.

Locate greater sustainability with an enhanced COMPASS.

Tosca partnered with the creator of COMPASS, a software for  
modelling the environmental impact of packaging, to expand  
its capabilities to secondary packaging. Ask us how you can  
use this tool to assess the value of Tosca RPCs 
in reaching your specific sustainability goals.

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Economic impact of corrugated

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