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Bold sustainability pledges for 2030 announced

Atlanta, 30th November 2022 – Tosca, a global leader in reusable plastic packaging and performance pooling solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of its inaugural Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report: All Together Better.

The defined goals point to Tosca’s sincere pledge to not only continue to advance their own sustainability efforts but also, through close partnership, those of their customers too. Afterall, only collective efforts can create a better, more sustainable world – a future that is all together better.

Tosca’s first ESG report sets out Tosca’s commitments and goals to 2030 which are encompassed in Tosca’s sustainability strategy and highlights key sustainability achievements from across the company to date.

The All Together Better sustainability strategy and Tosca’s exciting ambitions support their wider goal of a more sustainable business by 2050 are housed in three pillars:

Together in customer partnership

Continuing to expand Tosca’s pool of reusable assets that supports customers’ ability to reduce wasted food, materials, miles, space and labor.

Together in operational excellence

Collaborating to drive internal progress toward reducing emissions, energy, waste, and water use.

Together in team engagement

Growing an empowered, inspired workforce that is engaged and committed to our goals.

More information on Tosca’s goals and sustainability accomplishments can be found in the full report. View the report here.

“Sustainability has always been in our DNA – it is at the forefront of the value our products and services provide for our partners, and it is who we are as an organization.” says Eric Frank, CEO of Tosca. “As our mission statement indicates, we are revolutionizing the flow of goods through the food supply chain, eliminating waste at every turn. This year we went one step further with our mission by formalizing sustainability goals, so I am incredibly excited to share Tosca’s first sustainability report.”

Karin Witton, Global Director of Sustainability for Tosca comments, “We are continually amazed at the way our team members across the organization embrace sustainability, identifying and building improvements into their everyday activities, often without realizing how much they do in moving the needle for Tosca to become increasingly more sustainable.”

Examples of achievements to date include:

  • As of September 2022, Tosca has removed 1.9 million metric tons of corrugated from supply chains since they began issuing RPCs in 2000.
  • By switching to Tosca RPCs, Tosca’s seafood customers save 2,000,000+ foam cases from ending up in landfill annually.
  • 100% of total plastic asset waste diverted from landfill and predominantly reused to create new Tosca assets.
  • Up to 75% of freshwater needed for the wash cycle replaced by using final rinse water in pre-wash operations.
  • Tosca’s new Sint-Niklaas wash facility in Belgium has 1,200 solar panels, which, between March and December 2021, generated nearly 325,000 kWh – enough to power over 30 US homes for a year.
  • 1,224 Tosca team members attended one or more training sessions, through a new Learning Management System (LMS) and training library with an average of five training hours per learner.
  • Partnering with over 15 retailers to get donated perishable items to a network of 90 food banks using Tosca RPCs. Over 160,000 RPCs were used for this initiative in 2021.

More information on Tosca’s goals and sustainability accomplishments can be found in the full report. View the report here.

About Tosca

Tosca ( is a global leader in reusable plastic packaging and performance pooling solutions, purpose-built for our customers to eliminate food, labor, and transportation waste and improve performance at every turn. Our portfolio of pooled, IoT-enabled reusable plastic assets is the most robust the market has to offer, including crates, pallets, bulk containers, and more. With our expansive wash network, and a unique capability to develop customized solutions through in-house R&D and manufacturing, Tosca is the provider of choice for retailers, growers, and suppliers worldwide.