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Tosca Reveals the Hidden Costs of Pallet Ownership: A Game-Changer for Supply Chains 

Tosca, a global leader in reusable plastic packaging and performance pooling solutions, has released a valuable and insightful report highlighting the hidden costs associated with pallet ownership. This comprehensive report aims to identify the financial implications of pallet usage and provide strategies for businesses to reduce their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in a sustainable way. 

Pallets are a critical component of the global supply chain. However, their associated costs extend far beyond the initial purchase price. Maintenance, storage, disposal, and the environmental impact can significantly inflate the TCO. Tosca’s report dives deep into these hidden costs and reveals how businesses can efficiently manage and mitigate them using innovative supply chain solutions. 

“Our goal with this report is to bring to light the true cost of pallet ownership that many businesses overlook,” said Erik Erik Marinissen, Tosca’s Sales Director for DACH and Benelux. “By identifying these hidden costs, we can proactively help businesses make more informed decisions about their supply chain operations and encourage a move towards more sustainable practices.” 

Tosca’s solution comes in the form of its pooled reusable plastic pallets. These pallets not only reduce the TCO by eliminating many of the costs associated with owning or renting pallets, but also offer significant sustainability benefits. They are designed for longer lifespans, require less maintenance, and at the end of their life, they can be fully recycled, therefore minimising waste. 

Moreover, Tosca’s reusable pallets contribute to a circular economy, promoting resource efficiency and waste reduction. By choosing Tosca’s solutions, businesses can achieve cost savings and sustainability goals simultaneously. 

“We’re proud to offer a solution that not only saves businesses money but also contributes to environmental sustainability,” said Tosca’s EMEA President, Dan Lee. “We believe that our reusable pallets are a game-changer for any business using pallets in their supply chain.” 

For more information about Tosca’s report on the hidden costs of pallet ownership or to learn more about their reusable plastic pallets, Click here.