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(ATLANTA, February 16, 2022) Tosca, a global leader in reusable packaging and pooling solutions, introduces Karin Witton as the Global Director of Sustainability. Karin comes to Tosca with over 15 years of experience driving the development and delivery of environmental and sustainable strategies for global organizations. The addition of Karin to the Tosca team reflects Tosca’s commitment to sustainability and the organization’s focus on contributing to the circular economy. 

Karin has expertise in sustainability strategy, policy and program development and brings strong technical knowledge in all facets of the environment to the Tosca team. Her team will lead Tosca in identifying and addressing those environmental, social, and governance issues that bring challenges and opportunities to Tosca and its customers. In doing so, Karin will help find solutions which benefit the whole value chain.  Later this year, Karin’s team will deliver Tosca’s first sustainability report, highlighting the organization’s key focuses and goals. 

“I am excited to be joining a company which is inherently sustainable due to the nature of its products and operations and the fact that it is expanding globally,” Karin says. “To work for a company that has identified sustainability as a true priority is something that is a rare and exciting opportunity.” 

Karin’s passion for sustainability stems from the fact that it touches every part of an organization and makes companies look at what they’re doing with a different, more long-term perspective. This is especially important at Tosca, a company that offers reusable solutions that are innately sustainable. Tosca’s reusable and recyclable assets tie directly to the leading sustainability issues of today, creating a circular economy, reducing carbon emissions, and producing positive climate impacts.  

Prior to working at Tosca, Karin was the Global Sustainability Manager at Haliburton. She recently moved to Atlanta with her husband, two teenagers, and three dogs. Karin and her family love traveling, and they are excited to explore a part of the United States that is new to them. 

About Tosca 

Tosca ( is a global leader in reusable packaging solutions and pooling for food supply chains. Our unique end-to-end pooling capabilities offer growers, suppliers, and retailers a smarter and more sustainable way to move their products from source to shelf. With reusable containers and pallets that preserve product quality and reduce shrink and labor cost, we help these customers build higher performing supply chains.  

Tosca’s recent acquisition of Polymer Logistics and Contraload now creates one stronger partner with expanded global reach and a more robust product portfolio of reusable assets including crates, pallets, bulk containers, dollies and more, capable of serving the entire supply chain.