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Why turn to Tosca?

Tosca is the first and only reusable packaging provider to connect the 
supply chain end-to-end with a complete portfolio of solutions.  
Welcome to how the supply chain was meant to run. 

The one that grows with you

Financial scalability to grow or bring new solutions to market quickly. You get 

  • Rapid scalability backed by a 
    £6.8Apax private equity fund 
  • 100+ years of combined experience 
    managing large supply chains 
  • Unmatched food industry reputation, with
    new reach into pharmaceuticals, packaging, ingredients, chemicals, automotive and more 

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The one with everything you need

An expanding product portfolio that covers your entire supply chain. You get 

  • Most complete reusable packaging and 
    merchandising portfolio 
  • Extensive industry-standard RPCs: egg, meats, produce, poultry and seafood 
  • Plastic pallet options for upstream and downstream supply chains 
  • Solutions that eliminate wood and corrugated,
    and cut waste – to help you meet your
    sustainability goals 

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The one where you need to be

Unmatched global network density as the largest pooler of RPCs in North America and plastic pallets in Europe. You get 

  • Growing coverage in North America and beyond: 
    18 NA sites, 32 in continental Europe 
  • 17 global offices serving pooled and direct-sale customers (US, Canada, UK, Italy, Israel, 
    Spain, France, Belgium, Turkey, Germany) 
  • The leader in ISO 22000-certified facilities with
    the most robust food safety programme in NA 

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The one that builds around you

A solutions mindset dedicated to your latest supply chain challenge. You get 

  • Unmatched willingness to custom-build
    products and fine-tune our network 
  • In-house manufacturing and R&D capability  
  • Rapid scalability; nimble to market with new 
    solutions when you need them 

Solutions for new and emerging categories 
like home shopping, fresh kitchens, reusable 
pallets, and more.

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Why Tosca reusables?

  • Reusable RPCs

    A superior packaging solution

    Purpose-built for perishables Superior strength, unmatched product protection Easier to handle, reducing labour and injuries Sustainable, reusable
    See our crates
  • Reusable pallets

    Wood pallets wouldn’t dare make these claims.

    Exceptionally durable, reducing breakage by 94% Designed with RPCs in mind, increasing cube utilisation up to 6% IoT-enabled, delivering real-time data all along the way Sustainable, reusable and recyclable, reducing waste
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