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Your customers may not notice it, but backroom optimization affects what happens – and how quickly it happens – on the sales floor.  Obviously, if your associates are busy cleaning up and organizing the backroom, they’re not on the floor assisting your customers or re-stocking shelves. Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs) can go a long way to help get them back on the sales floor – stocking product and servicing more people each day. For backroom efficiency, here’s how RPCs make that much, much easier.

Gain superior organization with RPCs

Corrugated boxes come in hundreds – literally hundreds – of combinations of shapes and sizes. When they get to your backroom, it’s completely up to your sales associates to fit them together like puzzle pieces in order to optimize space while keeping the perishables inside undamaged. Even your team’s best efforts can look, well, shaky. Compare that to how well RPCs stack.

RPCs stack perfectly with even weight distribution, making your backroom easier to navigate and eliminating any possible product damage.

Reduce backroom chaos with a more ergonomic container

There are so many ways that corrugated boxes can cause damage to the perishables inside. Poorly stacked boxes can tip over or – even worse – collapse. Quickly searching for the right product in the right corrugated box can cause chaos, disorganization and accidents. But with RPCs, sales associates simply lift the RPC, retrieve the product and put it back down without damage to the container – or the products inside. It’s that easy.

Save time with products that are easier to find

When you look closer on the short wall of an RPC, you’ll spot something you won’t see on a corrugated box: a label that identifies the product inside in the same consistent spot. (And who doesn’t love consistency?) When a customer requests a specific product on the sales floor, sales associates can quickly scan the uniform exterior of an RPC stack and pull products quicker and more easily. With stacked(ish) cardboard boxes of mismatched sizes, it’s essentially a search mission for that same information. (While we appreciate a good treasure hunt, that will keep your sales associates off the floor and your customers waiting.)

The Advantages of RPCs Stack Up

When you’re using RPCs in your backroom, stacking is easy – providing superior organization. Your sales associates will spend less time cutting open, prying apart and digging through cardboard boxes (that are often damaged in the process). Not only that, but they’ll also avoid the constant time-consuming trips back and forth to the baler. Accidents are less likely to happen, and so is the time-intensive labor required to clean up messes. The strength and stability of an RPC will deliver high-quality perishables to your customers. The result? Your sales associates will spend less time in the backroom and more time where you want them — out on the sales floor.

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