Automation-compatible, strong enough for poultry

Poultry containers must stand up to significant weight, water and mess – and none do that better than Tosca RPCs. Our durable, reusable plastic containers are strong enough to bear the weight of poultry and withstand the inevitable wetness from purge. These interlocking RPCs stack securely on our innovative plastic pallets, further reducing the risk of damage in transport. And their automation-friendly design helps lower labour costs.

  • Reduces waste

    Our reusable plastic containers are much stronger than corrugated. Even when wet, they retain their structural integrity, keeping the stacked load stable and protecting the packaged poultry from damage. Less damage means less wasted product.

  • Reduce damage and waste with our purpose-built plastic containers. Superior structural integrity means Tosca RPCs bear the weight, not your product. Special ventilation maintains the cold temperature required, safeguarding quality, so poultry arrives in the best condition possible.

    Tosca RPCs don’t require as much labor as corrugated, which can break down and need considerable clean-up time throughout the supply chain. With less labor, and less waste due to damage, you get more savings.

  • Sustainability- minded

    Durable Tosca RPCs can be used for years, preventing millions of tons of cardboard shipping waste from entering landfills. Like the lighter weight, reusable pallets they ride on, our RPCs are also recyclable at the end of their long life cycle.

Crates Pallets Displays Dollies Bulk Containers and Bins Layers & Trays

Tosca reusable plastic containers are designed for savings across the supply chain. Reduce waste with superior product-protection compared to corrugated. Integrates perfectly with our pallets and dollies, for more secure and efficient stacking.

Tosca dollies are designed to add efficiency to e-commerce and facilitate faster fulfillment of online orders. They integrate securely with Tosca crates, maneuver easily and lock firmly in place. Made of durable plastic, they’re lighter and longer lasting than competitive products, hygienic, and fully recyclable.

Durable Tosca bins and bulk containers offer the capacity for shipping larger products, but also the strength to protect fragile items. Foldable, nestable and stackable, they save space on trucks and in storage, improving efficiency in the supply chain.

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