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E-Commerce Crates

E-Commerce 6425


Support your entire e-commerce system from in-store fulfillment through curbside pickup or home delivery with this lightweight, reusable plastic tote designed to increase efficiency during e-commerce fulfillment. Durable construction simplifies the picking process and protects groceries while nestable design saves valuable space in trucks and back rooms.


  • Dimensioni esterne 23.64 x 15.76 x 9.93 In.
  • Dimensioni interne 22.69 x 14.85 x 8.98 In.
    Caricamento e impilamento
  • Capacità massima 44.1 lbs
  • Volume 13.1 gal
  • Peso 3.42 lbs


  • - Speeds up click and collect

     Lightweight totes are easier to handle; crown hooks keep bags open and easier to fill.   - Reduces shrink/product damage.  Strong, durable totes are purpose-designed to protect perishables throughout the e-commerce process.   - Boosts productivity.  Ergonomic design, with built-in handles and low weight, reduces strain on workers and helps prevent time loss due to injury.   - Saves space.  Nestable, requiring less space when stacked for use in fulfillment centers, on trucks or in storage.   - Supports sustainability.  Prevents the waste of single-use containers with a reusable, recyclable alternative 

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