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1/2 Dolly


Transport, storage and display are all easier with this compact, store-ready dolly. It moves product easily through even tight aisles for faster replenishment. Combined with Tosca retail-ready RPCs it can also help eliminate the time and cost of merchandising as part of a unit replacing traditional shelving. Made of durable plastic, it’s lighter and longer-lasting than competitor products, more hygienic, and recyclable.


  • external dimensions 31.52 x 23.64 x 6.91 In.
  • distance between skids 21.51in.
  • distance between skids (short side) 9.53in.
    Loading & Stacking
  • max capacity 1102.50 lbs
  • weight 21.39 lbs


  • Lowers labor costs

    Retail-ready, eliminating the time and cost of merchandising, and simplifying replenishment.

  • Enhances maneuverability

    Smooth-rolling casters, removable handles and built-in wheel locks allow you to move products safely and easily from back room to store aisle.

  • More secure for transport

    Pop-up system quickly secures Tosca crates.

  • Easier on workers

    Light weight, without the hazard of splinters or wires.