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6419 Meat

Designed to transport meat, our foldable, stackable, and durable plastic crates replace traditional packaging such as corrugated boxes and rigid plastic crates, increasing value while decreasing costs. When folded, our crates take up to 80% less truck space, 1/6th the size of a standard rigid crate. Specifically engineered to protect high quality meat, with a unique solid base retains liquids while robust construction ensures product is well protected. Easy to clean, sanitary polymer (hyphen removed) resists moisture, insects, and fungi. Tosca meat crates are compatible with our Euro pallets, ½ Dolly and ¼ Dolly.

External Dimensions: 600 x 400 x 208 mm.
Internal Dimensions: 572 x 372 x 197 mm.
Folded Dimensions: 600 x 400 x 39 mm.
Volume: 42 litre
Weight: 1,9 kg
Folded Stacking Height: 33
Loading Quantities: 7.700 units (40ft HC), 9.100 units (truck), 350 units/pallet
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6419 Meat


Designed and constructed for continuous reuse, recovery, and refurbishment. Can be used in up to -20°C.


Activelock secures the RPC when erected, panels fold easily and quietly with an instant lock release.

Saves space.

Foldable and stackable, requiring less room on trucks or in storage.

Supports sustainability.

Prevents the waste of single-use containers with a reusable, recyclable alternative