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Tosca diverts over 230MM pounds of corrugated in 2019

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By replacing corrugated packaging with environmentally sustainable RPCs, Tosca’s clients diverted over 115,000 tons (over 230MM pounds) of corrugated out of the supply chain in 2019! That’s exciting news for multiple reasons:

Reducing corrugated waste

Although corrugated is recyclable, an alarming amount of corrugated waste still goes into landfills every year. While Tosca’s customers are environmentally conscious, recycling diligence is uneven across industries, companies and individual sites. For every RPC used, we keep approximately 1.0 - 1.5 pounds of corrugated from ever entering the supply chain. That means every pound of corrugated diverted from the supply chain is a pound we’re confident won’t end up in a landfill. 

The Environmental Protection Agency categorizes reuse as the most preferred form of waste management as opposed to recycling, citing here that “Source reduction, also known as waste prevention, means reducing waste at the source, and is the most environmentally preferred strategy.”

In addition to reducing packaging waste, RPCs provide a number of other benefits like cost savings from shrink, labor and transportation.

Shrink - RPCs significantly reduce shrink because of the strength of the container. In its Sustainability Playbook, Walmart illustrates the impact of converting from corrugated to RPCs. The retail giant reduced damage rates and prevented 37 million eggs from being thrown out. That’s more than 3 million dozen eggs, at an estimated $2 per dozen, for a savings of more than $6.1 million.

Transportation – Since RPCs are proven to be 4x stronger than standard corrugated, they stack higher and sturdier, optimizing the cube on the pallet. More product on the truck means fewer trucks, fewer trips and more savings. One major East coast grocer realized 25% transportation savings when they implemented RPCs for their case ready meat lines.

Labor – The advantages of RPCs over corrugated boxes in terms of labor efficiencies are dramatic. A third party study finds that retailers can reduce labor costs by 53% when they use Tosca RPCs over corrugated boxes when managing their egg category. Retail-ready packaging eliminates unnecessary handling and greatly simplifies restocking.

These cost savings can be realized, all while reducing waste and becoming a more sustainable company. Think of it as cost-effective sustainability.

Reducing costs is an objective for virtually every business, and reducing waste is everyone's business. Any product that can help you do both is certainly worth exploring. Click here to see how much money RPCs can save your business.

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