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We don’t mean to get all controversial on you, but we’ve got some hard-hitting questions: Sofa or couch? Wallet or billfold? Flapjack or pancake? Sneakers or tennis shoes? Soda or pop?

We’ve experienced the same questions with our Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs). Our customers have been known to call them:

  • Totes
  • Baskets
  • Reusables
  • Returnables
  • Containers
  • Crates
  • Bins

No matter what you call them, returnable containers shine because their very real benefits stand out from other packaging choices.

R is for Reusable.

A single RPC can be packed, shipped, stocked, washed and returned more than 100 times, safely delivering more than 40-50 pounds of product per trip, and covering more than 100,000 miles before being ground up into the next generation of reusables. In fact, a single RPC covers more than 30 cross-country journeys.  This is a much more preferrable alternative to one-way packaging that is one and done.

P is for Plastic.

The structural integrity of RPCs is vastly superior to corrugated boxes when it comes to protecting perishables. RPCs can withstand weight and water and maintain their protective features unlike corrugated that breaks down when it gets wet. RPCs strategically-ventilated design also cools more efficiently and helps maintain optimal temperature.

C is for Container.

Reusables are specifically designed to overcome the challenges of the supply chain and the inefficiencies of one-way packaging. Their advanced stacking, packing and protective properties – and, in our case, patented ergonomic handling and display capabilities – ensure higher quality product reaches the shelves in less time and with less labor.


The Tosca Advantage.

Tosca is a pioneer in creating innovative RPC solutions for greater supply chain efficiencies.

  • Creating the first RPC built specifically for the meat industry, which one of the nation’s leading grocery retailers has successfully used for more than 15 years.
  • Inventing an egg RPC that features a unique, one-step SmartWall™ design, which allows direct-to-case merchandising greatly reducing store labor. 53% labor savings as a matter-of-fact.
  • Our high-quality RPCs ensure perishables arrive in the best condition possible. Superior protection for your products means less shrink for you.
  • We have 14 state-of-the-art service facilities, setting our network apart. Our expansive footprint allows us to power efficient supply chains and respond quickly to customers’ needs.


Walmart’s Proven Results with Returnable Containers

According to Walmart, if you switch from corrugated boxes to RPCs now, you can reduce damages by up to 20%.  Less waste equals more saleable product, and a more robust bottom line for you.

Less waste. More freshness. Greater cost efficiencies. More savings. Happier customers, from supplier to shelf. See why Tosca has made a name for ourselves in RPCs — or whatever you call them.

Click here to learn about the Tosca difference for yourself.

Keep learning about RPCs.

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