A complete supply chain solution for eggs

Tosca is revolutionising the egg supply chain with innovative, retail-ready RPCs designed for better protection, reduced labour and increased sales. Our SmartWallTM RPCs convert from a shipping crate to a retail display with one quick touch. Dynamic Shippers offer a rising floor to keep products visible and sales flowing. And our containers lock into our lightweight pallets, maximising safety while also boosting cube utilisation.

  • 50% more protection

    Tosca Egg RPCs provide superior protection from damage, and result in far less shrinkage. Made with food-grade polymers, they offer unsurpassed structural integrity and impact resistance.

  • 53% more savings

    Research has shown that Tosca RPCs reduce labour costs 53%. One-of-a-kind features, including SmartWallTM which provides one-touch, direct-to-case merchandising, make stocking easier and faster. And retail-ready designs, capable of replacing traditional shelves, save significantly on merchandising and replenishment time.

  • 6% more product

    Our pallets allow 3-6% more merchandise to be loaded on each vehicle, thanks to space-saving designs and light-yet-strong plastic construction. This maximises cube utilisation and minimises trips, saving fuel and labour costs.

Crates Pallets Displays Dollies Bulk Containers Layers & Trays

Tosca reusable plastic pallets offer unmatched hygiene, durability, space-savings, ease of use and overall cost-reduction, as compared to wood. Made of high-strength polymers, our plastic pallets work seamlessly with our containers and integrate with traceability systems to track pallet and load.

Tosca layer pads and reusable plastic trays reduce packaging waste and boost beverage profits by cutting replenishment time. High-capacity, lightweight trays stack easily and fit securely on Tosca dollies and pallets.

Tosca dollies are designed to add efficiency to e-commerce and facilitate faster fulfillment of online orders. They integrate securely with Tosca crates, maneuver easily and lock firmly in place. Made of durable plastic, they’re lighter and longer lasting than competitive products, hygienic, and fully recyclable.

Improve product performance at retail with attractive display solutions. We offer bins with a rising floor suitable for both logistics and display, crystal clear displays that present more visual access to the products inside, and wood look stands offering a fresh and natural style, boosting sales with an enhanced aesthetic appeal.

Durable Tosca bins offer the capacity for shipping larger products, but also the strength to protect fragile items. Foldable, nestable and stackable, they save space on trucks and in storage, improving efficiency in the supply chain.

  • Case Study

    Research shows 53% labour savings

    An independent engineering study compared the time required to stock and manage egg displays using Tosca Egg RPCs compared to a competitive product.

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